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Girls, Good lip gloss?

What is a good brand of lip gloss that doesn't feel sticky on your lips? And preferably something not too expensive.

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  • Usually most lip glosses are sticky you know? But I love love love this lip balm it is not sticky at all, rose colored tint, adds that shiny look, and moisturizes your lips. It's only 7 bucks. link

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  • i don't know I should answer here ha ha but that tingle lip gloss is unreal haha

What Girls Said 11

  • Maybelline makes good lip glosses :)

  • Victoria secrets lipgloss is good : beauty rush, or you can go with Avon glaze wear ($6), or Mac lustreglass ($14) or Clinique long lasting glosswear ($14) those are just a couple of em but go to this website link

  • oh I hate the sticky lip glosses! they make my lips feel all gooey and gross

    don't use the victorias secret ones. they are so gooey!

    i use some cover girl lip glosses..

    • Yea I really hate that too! I have yet to find a good one. I will have to check out the covergirl lip glosses. Do their glosses have color or are they just clear?

  • There are the lip stains that I am crazy about ... They are by Covergirl!

  • nude

  • maybe try Revlon lip glosses.

  • Honestly, pawpaw ointment is my favvvoouurrite. It's natural, smells & tastes great and is insanely multi-purpose. It also feels so good!

    • Where do they sell that?

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    • Hmm well I am definitely going to look and see if I can find it around here cause it sounds really awesome :) Thanks

    • You're welcome :D

  • Try dior

    it's expensive, $28, but so worth it.

  • covergirl wetslicks amazemint! seriously its my absolute favourite! it smells amazing, you can get it in heaps of lovely colours and its not sticky at all :) they're really affordable so I would definitely recommend them!

  • victoria's secret

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