How do you connect emotionally to a guy?

I feel like relating to guys is 40% about pleasing their d*** and 60% about massaging their ego. You constantly have to pretend that they are the most interesting, attractive, special, talented man to walk the earth, while at the same time have no needs, wants,desires or baggage. How on earth do people get close to guys?


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  • Your percentages are all wrong, it's 99.9 d*** pleasing and 0.1% ego massaging.

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      You're funny! (wait, do I mean it or am I feeding the monster?) :P

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      Who is asking for an ego massage now? Lol

      I'm sure you are perfectly OK to have a great cool guy falling for you

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      I was dead serious. Funny guys pull gorgeous chicks. Hence, me trying to find new wats to bond with the dull ones.