How do you connect emotionally to a guy?

I feel like relating to guys is 40% about pleasing their d*** and 60% about massaging their ego. You constantly have to pretend that they are the most interesting, attractive, special, talented man to walk the earth, while at the same time have no needs, wants,desires or baggage. How on earth do people get close to guys?


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  • Your percentages are all wrong, it's 99.9 d*** pleasing and 0.1% ego massaging.

    • You're funny! (wait, do I mean it or am I feeding the monster?) :P

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    • Who is asking for an ego massage now? Lol

      I'm sure you are perfectly OK to have a great cool guy falling for you

    • I was dead serious. Funny guys pull gorgeous chicks. Hence, me trying to find new wats to bond with the dull ones.

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  • i think you got it about right, but it's a bit more about pleasing :) you already answered your question, pretend that we're the most awesome thing walking on earth :D I've laughed so much at what you've written :) lol

  • Sounds like you just got out of a nasty relationship..

  • hahahahahahaha maybe if all your girls wouldn't hold out sex on us men, we would be more emotionally connected!


    You're clearly just hanging out with douchebags because I don't know anybody like that.

    • Well, being a guy you wouldn't, haha. We go to extremes to make guys feel good about themselves. And guys have no idea, they just think they are that awesome. LOL.

    • I'm saying that I don't know anybody who demands that kind of attention from their girlfriends. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a guy, I just choose not to associate with assholes. I never expected the last girl I was with to treat me in such a way, and surprise surprise, I'm dumped two weeks later for a guy like you're describing. Most girls just gravitating towards douchebags. Simple as that.

    • We have to pretend less...

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  • Don't start with that stuff if you don't want to pretend. Then don't.

    I tell everyone straight up what I think. In this scenario, you're talking to a guy and he is talking about how he gets to know all these people, but a lot of them think he is weird but doesn't tell him. I imagine you are the type to swoon and be all "oh noo... you're not weird at all, you're amazing, blah blah blah" I have literally said "well yea, I'm not going to lie, you're kind of weird. You shouldn't take it bad though, most people are out there. But yea, you definitely are" He can act all shocked and offended, but in reality he kept talking to me, and now there is no pretense and no pretending.

    I find quite a few guys egos to be grossly inflated anyways. So I have absolutely no problems deflating it for them. It also is a certain type of guy too. I've met a few of them, and they're kind of fascinating to watch in a twisted way. But I've also met way too many guys who are the opposite to say all guys are like this, and that it's impossible to relate.

  • What the hell are you talking about?

    Guys are just people. They have needs, wants, desires, and baggage. And they know you do to.

    Try dating decent human beings.

    • I feel like dating a guy is a constant state of building up his huge ego. ESPECIALLY the "nice guys."

    • Try "independent guys".

  • True.. I simple told a guy I am use to taller guys and he was like " no girl has ever made it like she is settling for me". So yes it was an ego thing for him and I refused to boast his head up when in reality he is not a guy I would normally go for

    • What do you do when you're tired of praising them like an overgrown child?

    • I stop. Most guys will leave but I rather have a mature guy anyways