Why are some white guys attracted to black girls?

i am just curious...if they date a black girl then good for them

Did I say it was wrong for them to date black women? did I say that something must be wrong to? did I bash black women? did I say negative things? NO I DIDN'T...like most people here you misunderstood the question and did not read the detail...i said if they date black women GOOD FOR THEM...all I asked was what made you so attracted to them...i think all races has their beauty and ugly and I am sorry you guys don't know how to read
sorry if anyone thinks I'm being racist or trying to discriminate against black women,...not my intention...i was just asking a question


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    If you all weren't such super sensitive and truly incompetent human beings this wouldn't have ever been an issue.

    Racism was obviously not the intent of this question, yet you all in your profound sense of self righteous ignorance thought it adamant to spout against such a setback of the black people; to stop it before it caused every human with darker pigmented skin, the misfortune of reading it's contents, sure that they would break into utter disarray and a sure chaos in which they could not continue to live their lives without fear of another person debating their attraction and discussing it with others.

    A much more intelligent group than yourselves would see that in fact the only words infusing this quandary with racism are your own. For as where the asker of the initial question had no wish to convey an idea of negative racial criticisms, YOUR answers that picked at and berated her divulgence of curiosity were the only statements to bring alive and make potent in this tread any form of the poison racism. As it is on the streets where we take step, too, it is here; but with intellect it should be obvious to even the simplest minds that in seeking to find fault in another you all created an beast that was never there and further gave it life and sting when otherwise it would be content to lay down and not be, if only we would choose not let it.

    • yea my intent wasn't to offend...thanks for you answer man...like I don't know what I said was so terrible ...they acted so blood pumped to get offensive and so enraged to accuse me of being a racist or a troll and to tell me to drink bleach which Mrs Jones 7 said...i am disappointed in how sensitive, and the lack of reading skills some users have...thanks for speaking up for me

    • If only I had the pleasure of them reading this answer and, after a few hours of a dictionary + three bags of Cheetos, they were moved to post a reply I could fiendishly tear apart; in just hope that they would never again feel need to touch a keyboard and slowly continue the infection of their intolerable ignorance upon the vastness of the internet medium.

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  • Lol, no one is allowed to be attracted to black girls are they? sorry its the way you contructed the question, not sure if you intended it that way but white guys are attracted to black girls because they are attracted to them, there are many attractive black girls that many white guys like.

    Everyone has a different preference from each other even within the same race, many white guys would find megan fox, jessica alba etc while other white guys might be attracted to thicker bodied white girls like kim kardashian. Both are white but both are very different preferences, it works the same wiay with being attracted to black girls

  • Why "good for them?"

    • i mean if it's their choice that's great...i am just curious as to why...cause I don't think most of them are

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    • -

      Re Update: There are a lot of pissy little liberal teenagers on this site that get offended easily and try to jump your sh*t as if their opinion is more important than yours. This happens most notably on questions concerning: abortion, race (with the exception of racism/stereotyping of white people), drug use, and ...weirdly enough... circumcision.

      Ignore and press on is usually the best approach, but sometimes it can be fun to make them really pissed by saying something incendiary.

    • thanks for understanding...sighz...people really don't read and jump into offence :/

  • I like women in general. Black or white.

  • I got your answer babe,

    Generally black girls have a bigger ass, and or thighs/hips - lower body whatever. Our instincts as men are to reproduce and pass on our genes; and something in our subconscious tells us that larger lower bodies make them good birth givers. So guys like a big ass and generally black girls have them.

    Not that that is it though ha, some black girls are just cute as hell.

    • ok he is right and right again so lets all thumbs down him? duh

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    • Well now you have it, your question wasn't racist at all; people are just ridicules. You got a lot of answers though so props to you.

    • yea I respect people's views..just wish people read properly

  • You must ask the right questions:

    -Why are Love bugs attracted to white cars?

    -Why are Moths attracted to light?

    -Why are pigeons attracted to freshly-washed cars?

    -Why are emo kids attracted to The Nightmare Before Christmas?

    -Why are Irish men attracted to Reservoir Dogs?

    -Why are hipsters attracted to Pabst Blue Ribbon?

    -Why are 23-year-old burn-outs attracted to middle school girls?

    -Why are people with HUGE vehicles attracted to tiny parking spots next to your car?

  • Because "black" is just another trait like "blonde" or "tall". Should any guy or girl limit himself to just tall girls? Maybe he likes her personality or whatever else...

  • Let me answer your question with a question:

    Why are some white girls attracted to black guys?

  • Preferences vary among individuals.

  • I don't know how the Question asker intended the question taken, but I love how so many of you came to the aid of black women, and dispell old ideologies.

    To me that spells progress

  • What a cute little troll you are :3

    • lol I know right! how's that insecurity for you? :D eating at your confidence? >:)

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    • well I guess I was the first to ask...for me I'm not afraid to ask...i am sorry who took offense ...wasn;t my intention

  • Because white girls play too hard to get.

  • Hello! Alright this may sound kind of odd people... But I love the contrast. I love the contrast of black skin to white cum. I've only done it a few times, but my most favorite thing to do at the end of sex is blow my load all of my girls body. Now my girl isn't black now, she's brown, but the few times that I've done this to a black girl just made it feel so much more hotter, cause you can see every drop of white goo on her black skin :D it's very visually appealing!

    • ok now I expect this answer...i dnt care if they date black girls

    • Lol, yuck...

  • why won't they be?

    • Best answer ^^^^

    • cant believe till this day I got more thumps up then anybody yet my answer is not the best one... but I ain't contradict myself but I known some whiteboys that are whoozy and are grossed out by black women, but do they know what they are missing? I mean how could they?

  • they definitely do in the us and I love how all these people went roque and answered thier own questions

  • cause they ain't racist and concern about as much as looks like you suckaaaa

  • Some guys like it, other do not. I hear this swag thing mention with black women and black men. That doesn't do a thing for me. I still have no interest in black women. See everyone is different.

  • Normally black girl starting out has pretty firm booty which in contrast when and if it grows into a bigger booty it still remains pretty firm. Most from what I've noticed have nice natural boobs

  • because I don't discriminate against race

  • Why is this a question?

  • I'm sure some of them are tired of dealing with white girl drama and imagine black girl drama might be more to their liking.

  • you talk as if you hate interracial coupling... which I hope isn't true.

    • no I don;t ...idc who dates who... I just asked what makes you attracted to black women...but some peope can't read =\ and got all hot anf bothered cause they didn't read properly

  • Just preference, I think quite a few black girls are hot. My Girlfriend is half Caucasian half Latina : ) Perfect.

  • Preferences

  • its all a matter of preference for instance, I would prefer to date Megan fox to you

  • because you chose who your attracted too

  • This is funny how stupid racist question such this get so many views and answers , but good questions are unanswered .

  • I think its because, they may like big asses ? Since certain black girls tend to have bigger asses. I am brown as you can tell from my display pic, but I like White girls. I think it has to do with we want what we don't have in common ? ya know I don't know I love lighter features.

    • Most black guys are attracted to the opposite (opposites are often attracted to each other)

  • I'm a white guy and I love black women. I like the curves, the hair, the skin color, and the confidence. I have never dated a white girl before and probably never will. I don't really care for white girls at all. That's just my thing. That's just what I prefer

  • white women are more ..repressed, they sit on their asses and expect men to do all the work, make the first moves..ect.

    black women are more known for taking charge, black woman sees what she wants, she ain't gonna sit there and wait, she's gonna go out there and stake a claim, make that man know..."this here is a woman and you want this!"

    ever see a white woman do that? I didn't think so

  • Against interacial thing. I have friends of different ethnicities, but I would never date outside my own. (O noes I'm racist for not being attracted to other ethnicities, or perhaps I want offspring that are the same race as my wife and I, or may some other perfectly rational explaination. O NOOOOOOES throw stones and dislikes at him, he doesn't want a one world race! HISSSSSSSS!) To all of "those" types go back to Babylon!

    • She never asked about whether or not you'd date them, she asked why (if you did) you found them attractive. Fair enough if you don't want mixed children but you can still think someone's good looking and not want to have a relationship.

      People are downing you for all the extra crap you put in the brackets and for basically not answering the question. Might aswell not have said anything at all.

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    • In other words my answer was that "I don't" that's it and if I just put that I can bet money that I'd been given down arrows all the same from people that are just as blind and ignorant as your comment (sorry for the anger, but that sort of political OVER-correctness is madness and I don't understand how so many tolerate it/follow it.) To dl, one of my friend's is half black/half white, if it weren't for an interacial thing happening they wouldn't exist the way they are now... possibly even at a

    • all. So no I have nothing against the offspring, and I do not hold HATE in my heart for those that date or w/e interactially, just because I am tolerant of others decisions does NOT mean I have to be accepting of it or for it by any means. I won't ruin a friendship just because one of my friends is dating out of their race, but I won't support them in that either. Also, "lynching" and murder over something like that is just thoughtless, pointless, and evil.

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  • Your not being racist; the wording of the question was just a little off. It's easy to assume the negative of it though because black women are getting bashed here and there in regards to dating. I don't understand why, we are women all the same, just with a profound presence and darker skin.

    Anyway, it just varies among guys; some white men are really attracted to black women, some aren't. The factors of attraction are probably the same as it would be when a white guy is attracted to a white women.

    I'm very attracted to white men physically because of the differences such as skin color, hair texture things like that. It's different than what I'm use to seeing. Plus, I enjoy the cultural differences and it's cool to just learn about the perspective another race has in comparison to mines.

    So maybe it's just something like that; opposites do attract :)

    And just a little theory;

    I think maybe it's become more accepted for white men and black women to date this day and age - only 50 or so years ago, such a thing was so frowned upon (although there were still black women white man couples anyway,) but we're at a point where your allowed to date whomever without as much ridicule. And hey, it's fun to try something new...

    • seee...i respect your answer and yea I can see how someone can see this question is bad but people need to have thicker skin it was not like I went and a whole bash black women escapade...i never meant to offend this badly

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    • Your question shouldn't even have existed because you should know why human beings are attracted to human beings?'' I don't know what type of guys you are attracted to but you can't actually give a ''reason why you like that type''. So its not about black or white women, it's women in general. Your question sounds and infact is racist.

    • i am not racist and I have been attracted to guys of evry race...but I love spanish men and I can list why, I love the way they dance, they are sweet talkers, their skin colour is tanned and beautiful, their accents are sexy...the answerer knows what I meant I think she is the rare few that got what I meant ...people need to not get so sensitive by this question

  • If your meaning, like do white guys find certain aspects of black women attractive, I would think yes. Men find women appealing in general, some more than others. A lot of interest is usually about the figure of black women (our butts and stuff lol) but that can be stereotypical, as there are a some black women who aren't very curvy. Maybe it could have something to do with the physical differences (opposites attract sorta thing) like dark skin, light skin, different mentality/attitude towards things. There's a lot of factors in one's individual ideal of what they find attractive.

    I've encountered white men who aren't in anyway attracted to black girls, and others who are crazy about them. It really just depends on one's personal preference.

  • Idk call me crazy, but maybe it's because there girls.

  • I as a black girl like this question, I'm going to stick around to see if there are anymore answers :)

  • Why aren't some white guys attracted to black girls?

    • Whoa, you just flipped it on us! I was thinking that too.

    • that is a good question too...i would like to know that as well...i'm not thinking one sided...and my intention with this question wasn't to make bblack women feel any worse

    • D:

  • Why not? There are a lot of beautiful black girls, and guys of all races are attracted to beautiful women. Plus, there are probably guys who don't care about race and only care about personality.

    • There are DEFINITELY guys who don't care about race and only care about personality : )

    • sonic241928-- I'm glad to hear it. Sometimes it makes me sad when guys are talking about a girl that likes them and they say something like, "She's a nice girl and I like her, but she's (insert race that's not his own)." I know everyone has their preferences, but I like knowing the racial barrier is being brought down.

    • White girls are better

  • Beacause were the shyt! lol

  • I would have given you a meaningful and extensive answer, that is probably not deserved by the question you asked, but I think everyone has pretty much covered everything already.

  • every guy prefers different girls. some like others some dislike others. can't control who we are attracted to and nothing wrong with interracial relationships

  • Black women have curvy bodies. Nice hips, breast, and some big butts. We have everything that a man is hard weird to be attracted too.. Simple..

  • This has to be the least meaningful question asked on this website. You sound like a perfect racist, it's either intended to be a racist question or you just sound ignorant. People are attracted to what they like, you can't choose who you are attracted to. Also you must be from a small town or village if you are this narrow minded to ask such a thing. Why do you think people are attracted to white girls or Asian girls? Because they are light skinned? See how biased and racist you are. Delete this question and go drink bleach. Ignorant peasant.

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    • it's not pathetic ...i have a right to ask questions...and I am not racist I hve black friends and a couple fam who are, and I even think some black guys are cute...i am entitled to ask this question and I gave everyone is entitled to giving th answer and for why they like black women..i see no problem in black women..if I did I would voice it trust me..but I don't///...people automatically jump to conclusions and assumptions just at the hearing or reading of something towards race

    • sexuality ...don't put words in my question that I didn't say...did I say anything vulgar? NO...get a brain , get thick skin, and realize it's a simple question that you are offended by

  • Preference?

    That was sure a deep thought provoking question *sarcasm*

  • jealous much

    • dumba$$...read the question properly... trust me never be jealous lol... just finding out peoples attraction and reasons why... read the question... any racism? ..any hate?..no!...

    • Easily angry too

    • sorry about that... but as you can see... it's frustrating when people can't read properly =\ I love ever creed and race...alL I was doing s being curious about certain attractions...but you can do your part and be the change ... READ =) ty johari

  • My boyfriend is black and I am white ... and I got to say these questions are getting old. EVERYONE HAS A PREFERENCE, you don't need to understand it.

  • They like big butts


    • Do not want.

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    • Well I'm guessing it's genetic because I've known black girls mixed with white parents who have flat butts, where as fully black girls (who barely exercise, btw) have large well rounded butts that are the envy of everyone. That's just the way they're built.

    • nice faces as well

  • uh, because race doesn't matter when it comes to attraction? sh*t, it's 2011, what's up with all these OMG INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS!?!? questions?

    • Ture, I noticed many of them too. It's so lame of people...

    • Yeah, I don't get it either. I thought we left that stuff back in the last century/millennium...

  • why are you attracted to what you're attracted to? You just are right?

  • Why would they not be, black girls, like any other race, have beautiful women among them

    • " but it forbid" lol in fact some people rather go inbreed then date a super hot black girl lol

      it take some evolution to except someone from another mother lol

    • Yeah some people are just ignorant and dumb

  • Some guys like the various shades of brown complexion that women have to offer, variance in features, personality - I guess black women are like a box of chocolates some much varieties. :)

    • nice answer... that's true =)... wish everyone commented like you and not jump to the conclusion that I dislike black women lol

    • No probs, I guess some people just don't read questions properly or misinterpret what's being said, I've had my fair share of stupid comments.

  • There are so many questions on this recently. lol.

    Guys like girls. That's all there is to it.

    Well no, unless he's gay. (Nothing wrong with that, don't mean to offend anyone :3)

  • Why do birds flock together?

  • My boyfriend is white and only dates black women, (he is not attracted to white women at all). He never said why he isn't attracted but he made it clear he wouldn't want to be with some, he said he just thinks black women are attractive.

  • one can't control what he or she is attracted to.

  • Idk but my boyfriend is white and I'm black

  • i like this question. I don't know the answer but my girl-friend who's black wants a white boyfriend one day but it's so hard to find one that is interested in black girls, or doesn't mind the race. and the majority of guys at our college are white. boo :(

    i don't know why but I would guess the obvious. black girls are exotic? exotic is sexy!

    personally, I'm not attracted to my own race because I like something different. from what I see, I think all the guys in my race are all the same. maybe that's also a white guy's perspective on white girls.

    or simply, as studmuffin-perfect10 put it, you choose who you're attracted to.

  • I understand you mean no racism by your question, but this question is foolish. I'm not saying you're foolish, but asking why someone is attracted to someone else makes it seem like the subject they're attracted to is questionable or them being attracted to a black women is confusing to you. But in your defense I also see that you meant not to hurt someone else's feelings.

    • You are right. I should of phrased the question in a different way meaning I should of asked, " what is it about black women that some white men like?"

  • Tsk tsk good questioni personalblity belive they have a fetish so I don't date them

  • Aww the guy you wanted didn't want you

    • i already have him ;) ... you guys really suprise me with your idiocy ...*CLAP CLAP* ... awww aare you insecure so you have to put a dumb answer and not read properly? aww * pat your stupid head*

  • What does this have to do with the price of tea in china?

  • Um, because people of all colors are attracted to people of all colors?

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