Why are some white guys attracted to black girls?

i am just curious...if they date a black girl then good for them

Did I say it was wrong for them to date black women? did I say that something must be wrong to? did I bash black women? did I say negative things? NO I DIDN'T...like most people here you misunderstood the question and did not read the detail...i said if they date black women GOOD FOR THEM...all I asked was what made you so attracted to them...i think all races has their beauty and ugly and I am sorry you guys don't know how to read
sorry if anyone thinks I'm being racist or trying to discriminate against black women,...not my intention...i was just asking a question


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    If you all weren't such super sensitive and truly incompetent human beings this wouldn't have ever been an issue.

    Racism was obviously not the intent of this question, yet you all in your profound sense of self righteous ignorance thought it adamant to spout against such a setback of the black people; to stop it before it caused every human with darker pigmented skin, the misfortune of reading it's contents, sure that they would break into utter disarray and a sure chaos in which they could not continue to live their lives without fear of another person debating their attraction and discussing it with others.

    A much more intelligent group than yourselves would see that in fact the only words infusing this quandary with racism are your own. For as where the asker of the initial question had no wish to convey an idea of negative racial criticisms, YOUR answers that picked at and berated her divulgence of curiosity were the only statements to bring alive and make potent in this tread any form of the poison racism. As it is on the streets where we take step, too, it is here; but with intellect it should be obvious to even the simplest minds that in seeking to find fault in another you all created an beast that was never there and further gave it life and sting when otherwise it would be content to lay down and not be, if only we would choose not let it.

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      yea my intent wasn't to offend...thanks for you answer man...like I don't know what I said was so terrible ...they acted so blood pumped to get offensive and so enraged to accuse me of being a racist or a troll and to tell me to drink bleach which Mrs Jones 7 said...i am disappointed in how sensitive, and the lack of reading skills some users have...thanks for speaking up for me

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      If only I had the pleasure of them reading this answer and, after a few hours of a dictionary + three bags of Cheetos, they were moved to post a reply I could fiendishly tear apart; in just hope that they would never again feel need to touch a keyboard and slowly continue the infection of their intolerable ignorance upon the vastness of the internet medium.