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Can two extremely different personalities work out in a relationship?

... also very different upbringings. i am in love with someone and we are almost opposite. I like that he is different than me, but it has caused plenty of arguments. we've been involved with one another for 8 years, and are so passionate about one another, but still have not settled down. but we can't stay away from each other! (we were apart for 2 years within that 8 year time period, but had to move away from each other in order to stay broken up... then we came back together anyway.)

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  • 8 years, guys...and you still can't get along well? Argueing is a normal thing but you shud find the best solution together without a real fighting.I tried to make my realtionship work with a guy who was completely different: culture, menthality, behaviour, values. And it finally failed cos he was not flexible. But I wish you a good luck!

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  • Not if you have different goals in life, different ideas about how a household should be ran, etc...

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