Do you really prefer a girl in high heels?

In the past 2 days 3 different guys have told me that high heels are pointless. I'm 5'6" (the gentlemen were all above 6' if that matters too) and wear heels varying from 3 inches to 6 inches depends one where I am and who I am with. I'd never wear heels which made me taller than the guys I'm around either. I was just always under the impression 1-guys like girls in heels 2- heels just look better in general. So what is it, high heels or no high heels?


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  • They're only for special occasions I feel... Even then, "super high" heels can just be too much. I really don't pay much attention to them, but some high heels can look good, and some can definitely look bad... I feel that the 3" heels are fine, but the 6" ones would be way too big (and uncomfortable! lol).


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  • As long as they're comfy to you, that's the most important thing. From a purely aesthetic point, some outfits look better with heels, while some look better without. That being said, however, there's some Pavlovian thing where a pair of heels walking down a hard hallway will always perk my ears up!

    I'm 6'1, so unless you're wearing super spikes, I'll be fine!

  • Its a no from me , not because I don't like them , I don't really care , but most girls can't really walk property with high heels , I don't really get why they think that it looks good when they can't walk , in reality it looks really funny . :)

  • They seem fairly uncomfortable and they don't really accomplish anything that regular shoes don't. So no, there's no difference.

  • I really prefer a woman in sensible shoes.

    • Like in the nursing home, Shaun? lol

    • Maybe if she's helping out to earn college credit. : P

  • I prefer you to be taller than me (with heels on). I am 5'8"

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  • Wow, guys are really starting to change, based on the responses ,that I see here. I've never met a guy yet, that didn't do a double take when I or any other girl,walks by in heels and a skirt or dress. It has usally made guys start to salivate,in the past, but maybe the times,they are a changing! Personally, I say"Go with the heels,girl"!