My stomach hurts a lot :(

I became a GURU today and all of a sudden my stomach hurts. Could it be a coincidence?...haha nah! that's only to mimic some questions I read on here.The serious part is my stomach really hurts a lot. What could help ease the pain?


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  • -Drink warm milk with honey.-Try to use the bathroom.-Try to sleep through it. If the pain is still there in the morning, maybe talk to a doctor about it.

    • lol

    • I don't use the bathroom. I just do it in the bushes :PThanks dear :)

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  • Your stomach is hurting alot? The poor thing! Get it to stop hurting him! :( link

    • lol

    • Lol the funny thing is you got it right in the question title.

    • haha I didn't even notice ;-)

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  • Stomach pains could be a result of so many different things. It could be something you ate or feelings of anxiety. Try maybe taking some metamucil. Have some green tea with honey and lime that could ease things

    • Thanks :)

  • Pregnancy

    • I'm a virgin, is it still possible?

  • I know! You're just seriously excited about becoming a guru today-jk. The only advice I could give you is to go and visit the doc if you don't feel well anytime soon. More likely than not, it'll pass...

    • Welcomes :)

    • Thanks Stevo :)

  • You could have Herpatitis C

    • Alright. Hope it helps.

    • Yes, I will. Thanks :)

    • By the way are you gonna try the milk and honey? I think you should.

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  • are you on your period?

    • sleep is all I can think of

    • I was on a diet and today is the free eating day so maybe I messed up. Plus, I'm stressed these days. Anything that could help ease the pain? Any drinks? I didn't excercise lately :(

    • Do you have to go to the bathroom or did you recently exercise?

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  • Period?Gas?Too much acid in your stomach?Something you ate?Lack of stomach acid?Improper chewing/Too much liquid in your stomach?Persisting Candida?Persisting abdominal pain should be evaluated by a physician.

    • It's cool.

    • Thanks :)

    • Hot tea and panadol etc.

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  • Congrats! your stomach hurts just common tho.Anyway you can meet a doctor.