Why did he treat me so bad? What was he trying to do?

I'm 30 and I dated my x-bff younger brother-in-law. I was very close to my BFF, her husband, and her mother in-law. Well I was coming out of a divorce and he begged to be with me. I wasn't interested but, he was very persistent on dating me. We broke up several times because of his cheating. He gave me an engagement ring Feb. 2011, but added some girl in the military/Japan as his Facebook girlfriend. His family knew he was with me and her at the same time. I heard they talked about me behind my back really bad. They pretended that they it was only me he was dating.


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  • Well, I wouldn't know why anyone would do this. But I do know this, if you want to regain your self-respect, cut these people off completely. They are very sh**** people.

    • You could always not take his calls, and block his phone number, and block him on Facebook and all other emails and social media.

      In fact, do yourself the favor.

    • He tells me I'm stuck up, to high class, and crazy/mental. I guess he says that because I confront him about his cheating. I just don't get it... Why does he keep contacting me? I am not pregnant any more. If he wants the other gilr why is he bothering me? I'm 13 hours away from him and headed around the world to work.

    • Either he thinks it's the right thing to do, or he really believes that. You should tell him about the actions that don't line up with the words he says.

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