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Why did he treat me so bad? What was he trying to do?

I'm 30 and I dated my x-bff younger brother-in-law. I was very close to my BFF, her husband, and her mother in-law. Well I was coming out of a... Show More

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  • Well, I wouldn't know why anyone would do this. But I do know this, if you want to regain your self-respect, cut these people off completely. They are very sh**** people.

    • Thanks! I'm just really having it kinda' rough now. He took the condom off in May. He intentionally got me pregnant so that I would move and take a better high paying job. He lived 4 hours away and he never came to check on me. I decided to have an abortion. He never came or sent me any money. Right now he texts me that I murdered his child and that he was going to move back with me to help me with the baby. Why does he keep texting me he loves me and calling. He knows I've had the abortion.

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    • He tells me I'm stuck up, to high class, and crazy/mental. I guess he says that because I confront him about his cheating. I just don't get it... Why does he keep contacting me? I am not pregnant any more. If he wants the other gilr why is he bothering me? I'm 13 hours away from him and headed around the world to work.

    • You could always not take his calls, and block his phone number, and block him on Facebook and all other emails and social media.In fact, do yourself the favor.

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