Why Do Guys Play With Girls' Hearts?

Guys are sometimes just selfish ! Like they only talk to girls for 3 hours straight because they think they can get some or whatever and they try and tell you to F**K off in the nicest way etc .. they annoy me some days EPECIALLY today


Most Helpful Guy

  • LOL, easy their gal we guys got seative hearts too you know. seriously though at times your right but in those cases generally the girl is chosing the wrong type guy to be with or want to be with. especially under 18. I know this from expierence . I could probably tell you the exact type guy you generaly go for and most will treat you that way without exception.

    those being

    1. the popular jock type (to be fair not all jocks are I have buddies that were and their gold)

    2. the bad boy types exciting maybe to only the girl but bad news boys in the end

    3. the player (very similiar to the jerk) also known as manwhores very short lived relationships

    4. the out and out jerk (could and can be former nice guys) alittle longer in the relationship time

    but can be

    a. controlling

    b. flirts with other girls while in your presence

    c. abusive (either/or both) by word or physically

    d. will cheat if given the chance and generally will

    e. will lie to cover his any of his actions

    f. there are more but the above are the more predominant ones

    all the above type will sex the girls up because basicall that's all their interested in and generally when they get that the girl is dumped and they move on to next victim which they had been cheating on you with.

    any of the above sound familiar.

    you need to change the type of guys you want to be with.

    getting a guy should be like shopping and generally you gals love to shop.

    you should know as much as you can find out about ANY guy you may think you like... HOW?

    1st how does this guy treat people in general (rudely or with some respect)

    2nd how does he treat girls in general (?as meat or with tender heart)

    3rd how does he treat sister/s or other female relatives ?(rudely with contempt or lovingly)

    4th how did he treat former gf's if known ask them (badly or well)

    if he scored low he will most likely treat you the same way good indicators of how to chose a good guy wouldn't you think also how tell if he's not worth your time.

    the above mentioned guys (bad guys lol) will never change for you alone. they'll only change if they want to and many won't because why should they. their getting everything they want because girls lower the bar for them so that the they can be with them.

    i'd tell you how to get a good catch but your response at your age group would be "NO WAY NOT ONE OF THEM" but just in case you may be interested make a comment back to me and I'll tell you how.