Nice Guys And Women?

It seems to me that when women are young they go after "bad boys." They find these guys just so damn exciting and despite what their complaining would imply they always come back for more of the crap he gives them. This is all while they ignore the nice guys, the polite guys who would treat them with respect.

However there is a point when the women get tired of jerks and they then look for nice guys. They say that they've "matured" or they've "had their fun." Many of these women go on to marry nice guys and the nice guys being so desperate accept these formerly "loose women."

What I don't understand is why a nice guy would take a former slut. She rejected and ignored him through all of his youth why shouldn't he reject and ignore her now that she's older. If he wasn't good enough for her when he was 20, why should she be good enough for him when he's 30?

Many women say that the reason is because they've "learned from their mistakes," but this clearly ignores the loneliness, pain, and rejection they put him through.

Why should a nice guy take a woman who rejected him in his youth in favor of jerks? Why is it that now that she has "matured," he should want her? Why shouldn't he reject them the way they rejected him and make them feel the same loneliness, pain, and rejection?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It seems like that.

    Women don't seem to think of the future, so the less I know about their past and poor life choices the better.

    Another thing that women don't seem to understand is that they have an expiration date. The redline is 40 obviously, but 33 is pretty much the end of the line.

    Women degrade exponentially, whereas men degrade logarithmically. Its just biology.

    Younger women produce healthier children.


What Girls Said 3

  • don't generalize. not all girls go for 'bad boys'. I certainly haven't. also, girls who do go for 'bad boys' aren't necessarily sluts. they're just attracted to that type of personality. that 'nice guy' you're talking about can do as he pleases. if he wants to reject her, he should. if he's the type of person that can focus on who she is now and can appreciate that, then he should go for it. reliving past rejections isn't healthy for anybody.

  • I agreed with some of the people who answered this post. Some girls aren't like that, and maybe the guy likes the girl too much to forgive her. I mean not every guy will forgive. I would probably forgive someone I really like, and try to see if he/she has changed.

  • If the nice guy doesn't take her, what choice does he have? Who else is gonna want him? The 20 year olds with daddy issues that are only dating the 30-40 year old guys because they have money? I mean you could get with an equally nice girl who shares the same values as you, but she's probably not super hot and plastic like the party girl I don't know masturbate I guess


What Guys Said 3

  • I can see where you are coming from. All I can say is that it's up to they guy. Can he look past the mistakes she made, and accept her for who she is now? Does he want someone who had a better head on their shoulders when they were younger? Or someone who gave the impression that they didn't care about the guy, who had his act together better than most others when he was younger? I like the question and I might come back with something to add, but for now I think it depends on the guy.

  • Hey there's a reason why there are so many single mothers out there. The nice guy's they rejected before they knocked up by rebel bad boy's will not take them back. I've rejected several women I dated years ago and they broke up with me and said I was to nice. Now I don't even answer there phone calls and I friend them on Facebook there not a friend of mine.