What makes a girl physically attractive to a/most guys?

What makes a girl physically attractive to a guy. Give details..thanks!


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  • It's going to differ with each guy. What makes my heart skip a beat may make the next guy want to wretch. Generally speaking, the 3 B's are pretty generic attention-getters. Boobs, belly and butt. If those three are in shape, you'll get attention.Then you get to all of our personal preferences, which are a whole different can of worms. This goes for physical, as well as characteristic attributes. Some guys like a woman's hair, some guys (like me) get caught up in their eyes, others go for their attire. Some guys like the shy girl while others like the one in the limelight. There's something that'll just catch a guy's attention, and it varies from guy to guy.What kind of guy are you looking for? Figuring that out will go a long way in answering your question more precisely.

    • Again, thank you so much! you should seriously be a writer

    • Thanks. I'm just trying to help!

    • ...don't, then you'll come across as fake. And you are allowed to show a soft side; guys like being helpful, even if it just means holding you until you stop crying. Well, most guys do. Players usually don't, but you don't sound like you want them anyway.I promise you, your guy's out there. He's kinda like Waldo; you just have to look around a little bit for him, but he is out there.

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  • Fit body, nice face.

  • puckered lipsopen armsopen legs

    • lol

  • I would have to say a sweet, bubbly girl with a cute face

  • A symmetrical face with pretty light colored eyes and a great smile and long hair and a toned body.

  • Girls who take care of themselves and smile.

  • Smile,pretty eyes and being fit

  • Usually a wide smile makes any girl attractive..of course, a tight skirt helps too.

    • hahaha:)

    • They're OK, but a tight skirt is better!

    • lol:D you a fan of yoga pants?

  • Girls have their own tastes in guys, just like guys have their own tastes in girls. Personally, I think girls are attracted to specific looks and personalities- generally based off of how they dress/act/ etc. I personally am attracted to girls with long hair (doesn't matter if it's curly, straight, wavy) and bangs. I also really like full lips and big green eyes. I like girls who care about their physical appearance, but don't go overboard. I like girls who don't play hard to get, but are hard to get because they respect themselves. I like girls who are friendly and approachable. I like intelligent girls who have something going for them. And above all, I don't like clingers- they make me feel stuck, and I don't like that feeling.

    • thanks a lot for all of your advice!

    • When he looks at him you could give a really big smile. That's always a nice invitation

    • hahaha:) I wish he'd come up to me! is there any ways I can make him more comfortable/not as itimidated so he'd approach me? help!

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  • confidence, personality, nice body, etc.

  • -Symmetrical facial features = beautiful/gorgeous. -Thin, proportional body with slight curves-Healthy hair, skin & nails-Good hygiene(ok, they can't SEE it necessarily, but once they come in contact with you...lol)-Well groomed and maintained

    • thanks girl!

  • Skinny with big t*ts about sums it up

  • they most of the times like girls who are happy, who are not confused.So girls that are very clear of themselves.and also the outside, look good, style, but not to much :)also they like the little bit shyness sometimes..and summonster is right about having respect for yourself.So don't go to bed with them right awayand have a lot of laughs with them

    • ty :)

    • good answer!