What makes a girl physically attractive to a/most guys?

What makes a girl physically attractive to a guy. Give details..thanks!


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  • It's going to differ with each guy. What makes my heart skip a beat may make the next guy want to wretch. Generally speaking, the 3 B's are pretty generic attention-getters. Boobs, belly and butt. If those three are in shape, you'll get attention.

    Then you get to all of our personal preferences, which are a whole different can of worms. This goes for physical, as well as characteristic attributes. Some guys like a woman's hair, some guys (like me) get caught up in their eyes, others go for their attire. Some guys like the shy girl while others like the one in the limelight. There's something that'll just catch a guy's attention, and it varies from guy to guy.

    What kind of guy are you looking for? Figuring that out will go a long way in answering your question more precisely.

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      great answer! thanks! I don't understand why guys like "bellies"? what kind of belly? why? and I'm looking for a guy that physically attractive, outgoing, and fun (but NOT a player)...

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      Thanks. I'm just trying to help!

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      Again, thank you so much! you should seriously be a writer