When only ugly and old guys hit on me does it mean I am ugly?

they always whistle when I walk down the street or look at me or say something and they are all not attractive guys and some are old too

does that mean I am ugly too because ugly people hit on me?

i do get called attractive I admit it but why don't prettier men hit on me? I don't understand this


Most Helpful Guy

  • Because us "prettier men" as you put it are smarter than that. You probably don't look like the sexual type. Quit being selfish and pass out the vag. Wear some booty shorts commando stile and show some cleavage and you will have the good lookin guys all over you.

    The best bet would be wear cammo booty shorts, cammo top and carry a machine gun and ammo accross your chest with Dual glocks in holsters on your legs.

    • i don't want to look like a slut sorry

    • Slut? Cammo booty shorts and a cammo short with a machine gun and Dual glocks is hardcore not sluty. No doubt you would be hot wearing that.

    • Slutty is the last thing that comes to my mind, girl. More like the hottest womon on the entire planet earth is more what I'm thinking, sugar.

What Guys Said 7

  • Jerks chase what they can. Decent guys need an invitation. What signals are you sending?

  • No, they just wished the had a beautiful daughter just like you :)

  • No people hit on you without knowing you so you aren't ugly for sure.

  • Maybe. If you wanted to take a chance and roll some dice we know scientifically that people of the "same rating" find each other sexually attractive so technically if you are getting hit on by say 4's you might be a 4 who thinks you're a 7 or 8 because of social grooming and false compliments.

  • no it means you are hot cause you are a object of lust so let's make some dirty lovin'. I have a machinegun. My love rod is a machine gun, rapid-fire action.

  • You can't control who approaches you, only who you approach. Keep calling guys ugly and yes, you'll be ugly.


What Girls Said 3

  • It could be that the older more experienced guys have... *great taste* ;)

  • No. All men like an attractive girl. I am 20 and I get hit on by a LOT of older guys. They could be my dad. They aren't ugly though haha.

  • no it doesn't, it means you are pretty and young lookin. I found that old men usually try to hit on the youngest lookin girls, like even teen girls, instead of adult women. Its pretty sick.