Why does a guy tell you to wait for him until he want's to be official?

I have been "seeing" a guy for almost 3 months now, and he says he does not want to see other people, just me. We do everything that normal couples do, go shopping, hang with friends and family and pda in front of people, like kissing and holding hands, yet I told him I felt like he doesn't want anything more and he reassures me every time that he does but just to wait and be patient, I am only giving it two more weeks and saying were either official or not and walking away! What do I do?

I finally said were dating or were not and now we are official because he didn't want to loose me
I ended up dating him for over a year then I broke up with him worst relationship ever I'm now happily with a different guy expecting our first baby


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  • You just told us what you're going to do so why ask what to do? I think that what you have planned is a good thing to do. It sounds like he doesn't want a commitment right now. If you want a commitment then you deserve a guy who will give you that and make you happy, not wait around for him to be ready. I think that he cares about you but it sounds like he likes being single. He may say that he only wants to see you but chances are he's seeing other girls as well because he can since he's single. If he's serious about you then he won't let you walk away and will do whatever it is to make you happy and keep you. If he doesn't then you need to let him go and find someone who will give you what you want and need.

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      That's exactly what I finally thought, so I will do that!