How easily can you admit you're wrong?

is it hard for you when you're having an argument with someone and you're so sure you're right but then they prove you wrong? do you admit you were wrong or make something up to prove you're right? i know a few people that do this (my little sis). and its so dam annoying! because I see so many... Show More

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  • Easy if I'm wrong, because I'm very open minded, neutral and fair - having these charactheristics also have helped me in being hardly wrong most of the time.

    Usually, the situation you are talking about is more of a question of...

    1) Whether they can handle their pride

    2) Whether they have the ability to realize that they are wrong and have the right aptitude in handling, analysing or thinking about situations or topics.

    - Biasness, stubbornness, lack of neutrality or having a pre-conceived AND bias idea in things develop a habit of people trying to find "evidences" to manifest an idea that supports their claim and use "you have no proof thus you are wrong" reasoning to stay in the right.

    3) What situation or topic they are discussing about

    - Not all topics have a clear right or wrong answer, nor are all answer purely opinion-based. Many people failed to distinguish that and use "opinion" as an excuse to support the fact that they aren't wrong.

    -Some people want people to say they are right or others to admit they are wrong because they have other underlying intention (e.g. point scoring against siblings or classmates or just to wind others up)

    Hope this helps.

    • Oops. One last part that was not posted: there are many people who will admit to themselves that they are wrong but not to others :) Those who fail to admit themselves they are wrong when they are clearly wrong are just plain deluded.

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    • helps to answer your question :)

      Most people eventually will admit that they are wrong in most circumstances, whether it's to the person they owe the apology, to themselves or to others. Children being immature and not admitting to their mistakes are plain common :P

    • haha well the Q was a personal thing so there's no other way to help answer it other than by just answering.