Key to a guys heart?

Well, how do we get a guy to like us? Or fall in love with us when he likes us, what is the key? lol...


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  • likeing youi is just being you and the guy loving what your all about. Lust for you is working out all the time and wearing 1/2 the clothes you should be wearing ha ha :) jk. Falling in love is a great combination of both lusting for you and really liking you, how cool and fun you are and most likely the less dramatic and easier girl you are to understand the better chances your going to have of a guy falling for you. Crazy confusing dramatic, tease all the time, girls = no good!

  • Don't play games with us! It makes us so confused and not sure if we are doing things wrong or just you don't like us.

  • Food always works.

  • The two best ways are cooking and sex.

  • Depends on the guy.

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