Ladies, when a girl plays games with you, does it ever mean that she still cares for you in some way?

Background...She thought I rejected her, but I did not. now she spends hours playing mind games with me.

Does a girl ever really get over a crush? I always liked her just didn't understand her, guess I still don't

She asked me to take her back to my place, but I didn't know her did not bring her back. A couple of other times just miscommunication, I thought she didn't want to talk to me turn out she wanted to talk about dating. I finally asked her out and she said she would think about it, at one time yes, but talked herself out of it. She flirts, looks when I walk by, occasionally initiates conversation. At a party sat on my lap, Would not kiss me, but later missed my cheek, but a hAnd shake good nt
Kissed my cheek, not missed.