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Why are girls so crazy, what's the logic?

OK I hear you can't be too nice to a girl because that puts you into the friend zone and when your mean to a girl and say you just want to have sex... Show More

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  • Guys who get friend zoned take partial blame for not making that they have interest. They sit there, being the "nice guy" and then whine and complain that their lack of initiative isn't working in their favor. Honestly, some deserve to be friends zoned. If you're gonna be that passive in getting the girl I'm sure that'll fare well in a relationship. *cough* As for the rest, it can be lame as hell but some need to realize that not everyone that you like will like you back. I've been in the same boat so I can empathize.As far as "mean," you're doing two extremes here. I'd rather a woman speak up to a guy who's being a user. Too many silly girls fall for that crap because of the bs spewed in the media and chick flicks, making them believe that these jerks are really wounded souls and they need some nurturing. The reality is that they're d***s and have found a way to work the system to their benefit. Why them refusing to deal with this asinine bs makes them crazy makes me wonder what's going on with your logic. You WANT them to put up with the jerks or not?And if you want to go into an entire thing as to what makes women crazy? Read George Carlin's book, "When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?" He has several pages, listing everything that women have to deal with and he empathizes why so many go "crazy." Society is still very beneficial to males generally and that combined with the increase of selfish douchebaggery (on both sides) and the media assaulting girls as soon as they can comprehend, it's no wonder you see such ridiculous behavior. I'm also seeing quite a bit of bs on the male side as well from being bombarded by media influence. A lot of immaturity and lack of taking responsibility for ones' actions. Way too much entitlement going on out there with each younger generation (both sides).Some females really do need a reality check and I put them in line when they behave like a stereotype. But if you think about all the contributing factors? Yeah. Not surprising that females get pegged as crazy. There's so much selfish bs that society has conditioned men to be from birth. I know not all guys are like this, but it sure as hell exists. I've seen some amazing examples in the past year, and wow.As for the guys who continue to whine and play victim to the bs from these girls with issues, wake the hell up and learn to filter your choices better. Most of the complaints I see on here are guys falling for some idiot chick and tolerating stupid bs. Oh girls fall for the bad boy? You wusses fall for the bad girl. It happens on both sides. Instead of letting your ego get all butthurt, why don't you just learn from these experiences?As far as what they want, every one is different. Try asking them and getting to know them. If they end up being a stereotype and confuse you, find someone else. It's that simple.

    • I've been friend zoned several times, yet each time I have made my intentions clear. Blunt flirting, even straightforward statements. I'm beginning to get passive, but that's only because it's started to wear away at me so I'm beginning to just not care. The whole 'mean' guy thing has been personified by the media, but it is by no means false, within the last 3 months I can think of 4 such examples within my own school year, let alone humanity.As I said in my answer. It's a wonder we survive.

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    • Initiative is not enough to get the girl you want, also it is almost impossible to filter people quick enough for you not to make the right decisions or putting yourself in vulnerable situations. This is what many men complain about, because we have to put ourselves on the line and getting humilliated before knowing what kind of person she is, as women make almost no effort in getting to know guys or seduce them

    • Well seeing that you have a penis, I'm glad you can tell me how we all think and what does and doesn't work with us. What ever would I do without you? PS- change your username. Because it should really be "Ihaveitallfiguredout."

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  • we want a balance. not too little, not too much and even then it depends on the guy. the thing about women is you just never know. if a guy acts nice and friendly then I think of him as a friend. but if I'm really attracted to him and/or have a crush on him, then I'll just keep my feelings hidden but want to be more than friends. if a guy is mean to me then I'll be mean to him back. if a guy tells me he just wants to have sex then I don't consider that mean, as a matter of fact I'm glad he's honest and not playing games. I may or may not think he's an a**hole or a creep, it depends on the guy and how he says it. there are just so many variables that its easy to see why guys don't always understand women. I just read that back myself and was like damn lol.

  • oh get over yourself and find some real women.

    • Agree with this.

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    • this is a tough one because all type of women behave this way (real or fake)

    • evidence that you have some maturing to do, casanorba.

  • haha well if you don't wanna be in the friend zone just tell her you like her..we don't wanna hear "i just wanna have sex" we wanna be loved and cared for.. we wanna be treated with respect and we wanna feel important not just a rag doll.. we might be crazy and difficult to understand but so is everyone else in this world.. you gotta learn and mature and evolve in life..

    • OK then please allow me to ask you this why they had sex with a**holes,jerks and thugs but they always go crying to nice guys and she always go back for jerks who use her for sex to get more sex until she is pregnant and/or have babies then she wants a nice guy just to use him for his money

    • hmm I don't know anyone who does that but I'd say she has some emotional issues and feels like getting sex is the only way for her to feel loved even as twisted and messed up as that sounds.. kinda like fwb's.. she prob. doesn't have great self esteem and doesn't respect herself enough to see what she's really doing.

  • It's got to be somewhere in between. Yes, we do want a nice guy BUT we want a nice guy who wants us. So you have to be a good guy who also shows interest. If you're just a nice guy, then we don't think you want us and we won't be interested in you either. If you're an a**hole then we just won't like you at all.

    • oh really? Then please allow me to ask you this when you dump a a**hole then why any of you girls/women always go back for more then you get pregnant by a a**hole/or have babies with a a**hole then you decided you want a nice guy what's up with that

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    • and I am not bashing anyone and I am not bashing America I notice stuff everywhere,everyday,I've heard it everywhere and I've read it everywhere and I've seen it everywhere going on not just not online

    • You're still categorizing all women as the same, particularly American women. Not all women want a man who makes a lot of money. My man wants to take care of me but that's just because he's a good guy. I like buying food and stuff for him too, relationships should be equal like that. So according to you, I'm not a typical women because of this but there's more good women out there than you realize.

  • People who want real mature relationships with someone they love will find love.If you want to get "girls" you're going to have to be an a**hole - that's because, by getting with multiple women all the time, you ARE.Women don't want to be "one of many" - promiscuity isn't innocent, you're going to upset people, but that's the price you pay for doing what your hormones want. Stop trying to be a womanizer and claiming you're a gentleman. By admission of this, you're not.So as the other poster says, get over yourself. If you go looking for that special girl, she will WANT a gentleman. She may be hard to find, but love isn't easy to find for either gender.If you want p*ssy, you'll find it, they'll call you an a**hole because you probably are one, and that's life.

  • Guys do the same thing too...why are you guys so stupid to ask someone out like that anyway? Obviously if you're in the friend zone, then they only wanted to be your friend and you're just an a**hole to them then what makes you think you deserve a gf?

  • I only friendzone guys I see no potential in as a mate, I don't friendzone all the nice guys. I prefer dating the "nice guys" to the d***s, because they're better for sustaining happy, healthy relationships. :) I friend zone the idiots.

  • Really? Dude. Tell a girl you like her. Then be yourself. If she thinks you're an a**hole then it won't work out. If she thinks you're okay then maybe it'll go somewhere. The same goes with you for her. If you're gonna try and find the universal balance between "nice guy" and "bad boy" then you're not going anywhere.

  • Majority of girls are crazy when it comes to a relationship but guys like it the most insane girls in relationships are always in them weather they are hot or not.

  • That's where the power of asking her comes in. Dude how the hell am I supposed to know what 5billion other chicks want let alone what I truly want. If you want a direct answer you can ask her questions like um I don't know "what do you want from a relationship?"

    • uh one small problem if he ask what do you want from a relationship? like you said she won't tell him what she really wants she leave blank holes and us men won't know what do she really want but she might lie and say oh I want a nice guy a guy who is sensitive then she does the opposite and date a**holes then when and if she is pregnant or have babies she'll use nice guys for his money if it's not true then why do they do that to themselves when they knew that would happen

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    • OK thanks for telling me are you going to do all of that fair and square or you going to use cheats and cheat codes since there is some cheat codes for some games

    • Cheat codes of course.

  • When females want a relationship, women want a guy they're emotionally, mentally and sexually attracted to a guy that they can bond with AND have sex with ... just like men. However, sometimes girls blame a guy being "too nice" when what they really mean is they aren't attracted to him in some way. Girls are raised to be kind to everyone and try to make people feel good about themselves, so they often hide behind platitudes hopeing that they don't have to feel guilty for saying "I'm sorry, I'm simply not interested."

  • Haha...can you define mean please.(: And for me even if a guy is really nice to me I don't assume they just wanna be in the friend zone. Sometimes I like a guy even if he's really nice to me

    • Mean=Treats you like your another notch on his belt and doesn't care for you or your feelings. But will lie to make you think that.

  • theres a fine line between being too nice and being an a**hole...i love a guy who's nice but fun and spontaneous who I can have a good time with and who can make me laugh and just enjoy being with and also someone I'm able to be by myself around...those are the best...like, its sweet for you to occasionally open a door or you know, be a gentleman but running to the door to catch it etc is too much sometimes makes the girl feel like you don't think she can take care of or handle things on her own...like I could open the door just fine but the gesture is nice on occasion if that makes sense but I love a nice guy I don't like a**holes

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  • They want a hot guy who has the acting skills to pretend to be nice to them (doesn't take much).They don't give a sh*t about personality till they're starting to calm down and considering settling down. Then the nice guys would shine, pity is by then they've been turned into 'chauvinistic pigs' by the very women that turned a blind eye to them. It's a wonder how we survive as a species.

    • Effectively I said the same as kain6th. Just in a bit more depth and an extra pinch bluntness

  • i would pay a million dollar just to find this answer

  • the truth is that they want everyting in other words:They want a guy who is a nice, player that doesn't chear, that is sort of rude to other people but definetely not her, that is sporty but not a gym rat.

  • Lol this shots actually true, lol if you let girls make all the decisions then your boring and girls won't like you (my step-sis broke up with her husband because of it) and if you give them no choice then your an a**hole ad egotistical etc etc, basically women are insane and you have to find a perfect medium just to make them happy for a ill while

  • It comes down to challenge. The girl is not going to think of you like that if you are continually eating out of the palm of her hand. If she feels like maybe you are too good for you, or are a challenge to get, then you become more desirable. It's really not that craycray if you think about it. I'm sure there's a handful of guys right here that have been uninterested in a girl who was interested in them, because there was no challenge in getting her.

  • There are more than three billion women on the planet. I doubt they all want exactly the same thing. Try thinking of them as people, and maybe you'll make a little headway in your personal life.

  • "What's the logic?" <-- focusing on this question is your problem. There is no logic involved. You can't "prove" a girl in to liking you. Relationships are a formless, constantly evolving cloud of emotional exchanges. Logic doesn't work inside the cloud. Just get familiar with the cloud, the way it works, feel it in your gut. Then you'll know what to do.

  • True... they're SO indecisive

  • Those are called girls, not women

    • Agree with this.

    • This ^

    • i too agree and also some women even though they grown yes like in her mid 20's she still chase a**holes then bam she gets pregnant by a a**hole and/or have babies with a a**hole then she wants a nice guy what's up with that

  • It seems they want the best of both worlds.

  • There is no logic. The mind of a woman is impossible to decipher.

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