Why are girls attention whores?

I've seen and heard it all:

t*t pics for Facebook avatar

t*t angles for GAG avatars

fishing for compliments (making threads asking "what do you think of me?"

stringing guys along that they have no interest in

etc etc


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have no idea. I don't understand women and enjoy how many of them will degrade themselves in hopes of acceptance and attention.


What Guys Said 3

  • I'm sure there is an in-depth explanation for them, but let me just throw one instance out there. When I was young, I knew a couple of girls who were into seeing how many fish they could have on the line at one time - and the time happened to be when their birthday was approaching. Just saying.

  • i think they are guys who pretend they are girls.


What Girls Said 4

  • Why are girls attention whores? Same reason guys are because they have love self esteem, are or they're human beings and humans tend to be social, selfish, and self-centered.

  • Most people are attention whores, just to varying degrees. Do you know many people who don't want attention from the opposite gender?

  • Most of them have low self-esteem and want someone to say things like they are sexy or pretty to make them feel good. Pictures can make a person look 100% better than what they do in person and a lot of the pictures could be of what they used to look like.They also like to boost confidence when people say they look good.It gives them a sense of 'power or dominance' beside fishing for more friend adds.

    • i think it might be that too. even in class, there's almost always one girl who talks super loud about really nothing important to someone right beside her

  • Some people are just really full of themselves. And bored, I imagine.