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Guys, if you like a girl, do you tend to laugh a lot at the things she says?

Guys, if you like a girl, do you tend to laugh a lot at the things she says?

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  • I laugh if what she says is funny... enough said. I think it's hilarious when guys over do it. Like this one time(in band camp, LOL) my guy friend brought a girl to hang out with us during lunch. All she said was,"... Yeah I had bacon for breakfast." my friend started bellowing out the most obvious fake laugh I've ever heard. It was so obvious that the girl went," Is bacon funny to you? I don't get it. Why don't you explain the joke to me?" and he made up the stupidest explanation. This is it in his exact words," You see it's funny because when I went camping, my cousin and I caught a wild boar." and then he continues to make up crap. But then he ends the story with this jewel of an ending,"... and the entire experience reminded me of Brokeback Mountain." The girl looked at my friend and goes," OMG I had no idea you were gay. I'm so sorry for hitting on you." My other friend and I tried so hard to hold back our laughter but when she rounded the corner we were laughing so hard that I'm almost sure she heard us.

    So the moral of the story is, NO! Don't force a laugh when talking to the girl you like.

    • Well said, at least the first part, I always thought it was girls who did the fake laughing/giggling, I've never laughed at something if it wasn't funny

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  • I laugh at what's funny.

  • Oh yes... In liking someone, a part of it all is finding that person charming, and how they are able to make you smile and laugh. And it's totally natural when it's real...

  • I laugh a lot at funny people regardless if I like them or not.

  • Only if what she's saying is funny, or if they way she says it is humorous. If a girl has a knack for being unintentionally funny, that's the best of all. Girls that intentionally try to be funny, generally aren't.

  • No I'm too busy trying to get in her pants

  • It's the other way around.

    Because I can laugh with her, I like her.

    I don't pretend she's funny because I like her. That's silly. Girls don't want to be put on a pedestal like that. If you pretend everything they do is perfect, they don't appreciate it when you are being genuine (because you always laugh, or you always say she's pretty).

    I would say when you're with someone and in your own euphoria together, that because you like each other you might find what each other says to be more funny, or more intelligent, etc...And often that's not pretending, it's just you have a better understanding of your partner and know they're being silly. :P

  • Nope. I may laugh out of politeness if she said something that wasn't funny,or if it was funny then I would be. But usually that's not the case. It'd have to be a special case on how much I really cared.

  • its a turnoff I guess

    most guys think the girl is out of her minds

  • I enjoy hearing it more because I like her so I suppose but I don't fake laughs

  • I don't really laugh more like a chuckle.

  • Maybe when I was younger and really wanted a girl to like me, but not these days. I'm more likely to respond with a witty comeback or playfully tease her.

    One pet peeve I have, hot girls with terrible senses of humor because nobody has had the balls to tell them they're simply not funny.

  • I never laugh or smile and I'm through with being a nice guy.

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  • sometimes they do, it depends on the guy

  • every guy is different everyone has a different personality =]

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