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Why do losers love to scrutinize people they don't know?

There seems to be an all to accepted norm to judge people so harshly that we don't even know over issues we know very little about. Its like people... Show More

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  • It is always human nature to try to make ourselves feel better. The easiest and laziest way of doing that is to put others down, to raise ourselves up relative to their status. Of course, this isn't really "raising" anything up, but it doesn't stop certain people. It takes time and effort to bring yourself up, as well as others. Many people aren't willing to go through struggles for themselves, so they are just easy to put down others instead of working on their own insecurities.

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  • Low intellect, ignorance, simple-mindedness.

  • They have a miserable life so they pick on the weak.

    • well, I wouldn't call celebrities or their targets weak.. its just any good target

    • yeah, I guess I should have said vulnerable.

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