Why do people appear in our dreams? Do you believe in what they say?

They say if that person is in your dream, then that person misses you or is thinking about you. I have heard the opposite which is if that person is in your dream, it means you're thinking about them. Which is true? Are these theories even true? Feel free to provide an article(s).


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  • it can be that you're thinking about them, but it can also be your subconscious mind allowing you to figure out things related to them, the mind is just complex and dreams just come from your hidden emotions and thoughts buried deep down

    i saw the womb on the national geographic channel where they show how pregnancy occurs throughout the 9 months and they said that scientists have found that babies inside the womb also dream, and they dream of what they have experienced thus far in life- their mothers voice and sounds and gargling from the mothers digestive system lol

    • also I will say that my friends have had dreams about my issues in life...which I thought was weird like why would they dream about my current problems? one of my best friends had a dream of me and my crush...i don't get why/how lol because its my life not hers

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  • I don't have any articles handy, but I assure you, if you dream of a person, it is not because of some fairy tale reason like they miss you. Most likely, that person is appearing as a symbol of something else. It's a representation of a group of thoughts and memories you have, and those memories are being stored away in your subconscious.

    To be crude, dreams are essentially your mind taking a dump. It's clearing out stuff in your active memory and putting it somewhere else. Your mind oftentimes will group feelings, actions and emotions in a much clearer way than it does with people. Our dreams are merely interpretations of past experiences being put away for safekeeping, and the people represent those experiences.

  • Megan Fox must be missing me every night. Now I know for sure she wants me.

  • I think it means I am thinking of them because I see a girl I like in my dreams a lot and I mean she knows me ant she might like me but I don't know.

  • Dreams are what your brain uses to solve problems.

  • Number two

  • Well since the first option is Impossibru! I'll go with number two...

  • I doubt it, Last night I was giving it anal to a Asian woman in my dreams, explain that. ._.


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  • I don't think so. I think it might mean you're thinking of that person but I doubt it means the other peson is thinking of you. cute though though, but unlikely

  • Read some Freud or Jung, you'll probably find them difficult to read, but at least find an extract of the books they wrote about dreams. Crazy stuff.

    Dreams are the closest thing we have to our sub consciousness. That's why symbols and meanings are pinned on to dreams, because they portray our unconsciousness that we are in a normal state not aware of. They tell us what is going on in the part of our brain and it's activity that we are not aware of. link

    About people in your dreams, it depends. Are they a family member, do they die in your dreams, are they dead in real live but you dream they are still alive, do they leave you, do they come back, is a person born... All these have different meanings, they can't all mean that the person is missing you.

  • i've never heard that and I don't particularly believe it lol.. most of the time I'll have a dream and the person or people that are in it are there because I might've seen a pic of them or thought about them from something that reminded me of them in that day or something random as heck... sometimes I'll have dreams that have a friend of mine in it.. and in the dream I'm like in love with them or I fancy them in the dream.. but in real life.. I don't.. they're just a friend, I might not even think or see them often.. dreams are crazy, random combinations of our thoughts and feelings and get jumbled up and twisted where they make absolutely no sense when I wake up.. I don't believe there's any REAL reason for how our dreams are how they are or who's in them.. dream's are dreams.. not reality.. hope I helped ;)

  • Let's look at this logically, shall we?

    If you dream of Abraham Lincoln, is he missing you? If you dream of someone you don't know, I.e. someone famous, are they missing you?

    When you dream of someone it just means you're thinking about them. There's no romantic movie reason behind it. It doesn't mean anything special, or complex, you're just thinking about them. ;)

  • It means you're thinking about that person...

  • If I have a dream about someone it's because I talked to that person the day before, or I was thinking about them. Sure as hell doesn't mean they're thinking about me. That just sounds like something someone else made up to make themselves feel good.