Why don't people listen more to good advice, such as what they get here?

You rarely get appreciative feedback on the advice you give, either in your personal life or on sites like this one (maybe once every 20 questions you answer, more or less..) I know what happens when you try to tell someone to cut back on alcohol or smoking, just for example.

But people shell out big money on family counselors and pschiatrists when things get so bad they can't function any longer!

Pls RATE the QUESTION already!


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  • trying to tell someone to cut back on alcohol and smoking, will not work. it will just go out the window. I am smoker, my mum keep telling me to give up. it just doesn't work. well for giving advice on this site. its very hard to say thanks to everyone. because sometimes so many people might say the same thing. I try to say thanks to people that give a good answer.


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  • It depends on what it is. People have a hard time listening to a random stranger even though they asked.


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  • people in general are ignorant to all things someones opinion,advice or even if your trying to help them when they need it.straight stubborn.

    • Thx please rate the question!

  • I get private massages all the time from random girls asking me for my perspective on their situation and advice on how to deal with it. They always seem take it into account when dealing with their problems and show appreciation. =S