How do I deal with nasty women who say mean things to me?

I've been told I'm a nice person, many people have told me I'm actually too nice.

I usually ignore people who say nasty mean things to me but it really upsets me and people seem to think I'm an easy target and that they can just pick on me and say whatever they like because they assume I won't react and retaliate.

People think they can walk all over me and treat me badly and so they get surprised when I stand up for myself!

There are some nasty bitchy girls and women out there and they really make a bad name for our gender. I will always be nice and stay nice.

* so many - typo there in the first line of last para, oops lol


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  • Yeah just ignore them :) it's so off-putting seeing girl's pick on others. I know it's lame but try not to spend time near where they are. It depends on what you mean by 'mean things' are they threatening you? or are they like pointing something out about you and laughing? that might mean that they are jealous of you/insecure about themselves.

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      I mostly mean when they point out things and make spiteful, bitchy comments and laugh and gossip. Thanks, yeah I'll just ingore them. Have a nice day! x

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      Yeah you don't wanna be around those types! I'm sure you are better than those in every way. Nice is nicest! Thanks you too :) x