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I think I have a stalker (kind of), what should I do?

So this guy in my class told me earlier today that he has a crush on me, but the conversation went to something innocent to me wondering if I should... Show More

Unfortunately I have T-Mobile and we cannot block people's numbers, we can only change our number.
He had my number because we had a group project together from 2 semesters ago.
And he just happened to be in my class this semester.

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  • 5 stars..I would make him stop..if he persists tell boyfriend and the police

    • ok, thank you.

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  • it's disagreeable, but I don't think you can do much about him. He hasn't DONE anything to you. ! Don't worry for the moment. Just keep your distance. He seems to take the hint, no, judging from your conversation.

  • With a dude like this...ANY reply to his texts to him reads as:

    "I have a shot with her, cauz she's talking to me although she has a bf"

    Therefore, no matter how bothered or irritated you sound...remember that you ARE taking time to respond to him, a guy that has BLATANT interest in you...

    ...when you have a bf.


    Do NOT respond to his messages...period.

    Then he will back off.

    • I told him of the other day and I have not heard from him since.

    • Sweet. :-D

  • This is definitely not stalking. You should stalk him and act like a crazy stalker girl if you want him to stop talking to you and think you're a crazy bitch.

  • Do you have an android phone?

    If so, then download the 'go sms pro' app

    inside the app you can 'blacklist' texts from anyone.

    • I told him off about a week ago and I haven't heard from him since.

    • Sweet.

  • "(M)I only see you as a friend and it's disrespectful to pursue somone that is happily in a relationship"

    Normal people don't talk like this. What the hells wrong with you?

    Anyway, no, you're not being stalked, and people will do this a lot. It happens, it's called being pervy, if you want. It's weird, slightly invasive and uncomfortable but you'll come across it plenty, it's usually if not always harmless, I wouldn't worry. You need to be firmer than 'I love my boyfriend', though, when it gets to that point. That's flabby. You need to tell the guy to f*** off, at least.

  • *smh* He's not stalking you... Stop being a "crazy"... Just tell him you are not interested in him, and tell him to stop calling you. Then ad him to your block list if you don't want to hear from him... Texting someone 3 time sin a half hour doesn't equate to stalking... Get over yourself.

    • But this isn't the first time he has tried to get me to come over to his dorm room, it has happened before and I never went.

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    • I will stop talking to him , but unfortunately I can't block people.

    • This.

  • It was texts? Meaning a phone..you must have some sort of interest in him, you gave him your number

    • The only reason why he had my number is because we were had a class 2 semesters ago and we had to do a group project.

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    • I just wanted to make friend's because I don't have that many at the school because I commute, I guess trying to make friend's with people is a crime or I'm somehow interested in them.

    • LOL, SMH

What Girls Said 4

  • Sounds like just a guy who is trying too hard to get with you. Just firmly tell him no and to leave you alone. After that don't respond to his texts.

  • no he's not stalking you, luckily.

    but he's just one of those guys who won't take no for an answer.

    those are hard to get rid of.

    just ignore him. he'll eventually tire himself out. hopefully.

  • I'd block his number.

    • I wish I could but I can't because T-Mobile won't let me

    • "Don't send me messages with that connotation."

      If he continues, you ignore him. If he doesn't stop soon after, report him.

  • He's not stalking you. You need read up on the real definition of a "stalker."

    He's just very interested and is a persistent and disrespectful guy. Just do not reply to his texts

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