I think I have a stalker (kind of), what should I do?

So this guy in my class told me earlier today that he has a crush on me, but the conversation went to something innocent to me wondering if I should report him.

The conversation:

(H) I'm saying my I has been on you. Call it a crush but I've been digging it.

(M) I don't know what to say.

(H) It's more of what to do. And I can tell you that.

(M) Because I have a boyfriend.

(H) That's irrelevant to me. I wanna see you, should stop by here. I'm packing the kinda heat you need to upgrade to.

(M) I love what I have now

(H) you haven't seen what I'm packing

(M) I have no idea what you're talking about

(H) I want you to know something

(M) Know what

(H) you ain't get the pic

(M) No I hope it isn't an inappropriate pic

(H) Deff think it is considering I'm telling you that I find you damn sexy, want your take. Playing mr. nice don't get you no where

(M)I only see you as a friend and it's disrespectful to pursue someone that is happily in a relationship

(H) And I see you as a friend. Doesn't mean I can't be attracted to you.

(M) That's true, I'm not attracted to you though

(H) That's cool, again that don't mean I can't be! That's my point. Tell you what pic speak louder than words

(M) I get your point but I'll pass on the pic

(H)It's been sent...sent at 11:08am

(H) you get it...sent at 11:22am

(H) I'm so wrong though...11:37am

I did not respond to the last three texts, and I never received the picture.

What would you do in this situation?

Unfortunately I have T-Mobile and we cannot block people's numbers, we can only change our number.
He had my number because we had a group project together from 2 semesters ago.
And he just happened to be in my class this semester.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 5 stars..I would make him stop..if he persists tell boyfriend and the police

    • Report

      ok, thank you.