Is it weird to be 18 and never have dated anyone?

Always when people ask me where my boyfriend is and I answer 'Oh I don't have one, actually I have never dated anyone' they are shocked and ask me: 'Why?'

So is it that weird to be my age and never have been in a relationship? (not for religious reasons, but just because I never had the chance to) I don't get people who act like it is the most obvious thing in the world and think it is so easy to get in a relationship. I've never even met someone who has shown some remotely interest in me.


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  • I used to think the same thing but it honestly doesn't mean anything

    I'm 21 and the farthest I've been with a girl is hugging! lol

    The reason I'm still single many reasons but one of the main ones is. I don't feel I'm 'complete' enough to give myself to another person. So while I'm waiting to get a gf; I'm working on attributes I can fix upon myself.

    One thing I definitely will not do is wait to get a gf.

    I've learned I'm not going to let life pass me by and keep searching for a gf!

    I mean there is an entire world out there!

    There is definitely more to life than having a girlfriend

    If it happens it happens.

    If it doesn't it doesn't

    I wouldn't get too caught up in it because then you lose out on life. And no on can go back and re-live yesterday.

    Plus, don't the best things in life come when we least expect it?

    This works for me but I don't know if it works for you

    Whenever I'm can't find something; I learn to live life with out it.

    And then when I'm finally able to live life without the object; I find it! and then

    I realize I was so dependent on such a thing that it was kind of almost stupid.

    So after that I still keep it around but understand that I don't need anything to be happy or really help me. I am and can be independent on my own.

    Hope that makes sense and good luck!


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  • It's not unusual at all, so don't worry about it. Some people are in their 20's before they get themselves into a relationship... Sometimes by actively looking for one, and other times by just being in the right place at the right time to meet that person.

    You need to stop worrying so much about not being in a relationship and being so concerned about your looks and the reasons why you're not in a relationship right now... You are a pretty, attractive young girl and there's plenty of time for relationship(s) in the future.

    Just enjoy your youth without placing so much emphasis on feeling it necessary to be in a relationship... Take joy in your hobbies and interests and I'm sure you'll meet someone when you're not even thinking about it! lol

    If you do want to actively look for a relationship, why not try a dating website?... You get to see and chat to the person before you actually meet?! :o)

  • Nah. I'm 22 and I haven't and I'm completely normal...




    I think :D

  • Hey! It's you again! XD

    Well, If it makes you feel any better, I didn't start dating till I was 20-ish I think (I'm 25 now and really unlucky in relationships...c'est la vie!) I've been chased by girls but I always focused on friends, school, career first. I'm in a happy place now minus a girlfriend but it doesn't bother me. It depends on what YOU want in life (whether you want to focus on school, career, partying etc.) Not what people think you need. My mom and aunts always compliment me on my dashing looks (XD) and questions why I don't have a girlfriend yet so I smile and say "nope!...haven't found the future wife yet so I enjoy life and have fun" :)

    Enjoy singlehood with your friends while it lasts. Do what you wanna do, travel, try new things, hobbies, etc! You're obviously beautiful! (I can imagine guys get intimidated or think you're in a relationship already) Stay confident and the first guy that comes along will be one lucky SOB.

    • Hey at least women chase find you attractive, they see me and run in the other direction.

    • I think I responded to your confidence question the other day? Fact: most guys do get intimidated by beautiful girls. Nothing hurts a guy ego more than being rejected by a girl that is "out of their league". So I don't know if you're seeking attention but if you read all the comments, guys on this board DO find you attractive. PM me if you want to chat further, I'm willing to help.

  • i'm 22 and never been in a relationship, never had a girlfriend, there are some guys older than me who have never dated

    • I agree I'm one of them, but then again if you saw what I looked like you would run in the other direction lol.

  • People say it's a surprise that I'm a virgin. Lol. It's easy to find chicks that want me, but it's tough to find something that's worth it. The same thing goes for relationships in my case. Maybe we are just weird?

  • not at all. don't worry about it.

  • Never had a date? Or never had a relationship? You are very pretty so you might intimidate a lot of guys...but guys tend to get into relationships later...maybe this old Question of mine will be helpful? link

  • I'd be your boyfriend.

  • no its not weird. the weird part is that with your looks it seems like bs

  • I'm 26 and never had a girlfriend. Your bitching about being 18 and single?.

  • Hell no, it's not weird. You may not realize it now, but 18 is young. You're not running a race. I would probably be surprised too, but only because you're attractive.

  • I'm 22 and still alone. Now that's not normal. You have time. :)


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  • Nope not a big deal! These days everyone thinks you aren't complete unless you have someone in your life! Be you, be young! And be independent.. Get your life going before you worry about all that!

  • I don't think so. I haven't either, it's just circumstance I guess.