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Why did she stare at me and laugh/smile after giving me the silent treatment?

I have been friend with her now for like 6 months everything has been good sometimes I felt she showed signs she liked me gave me a nickname... Show More

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  • My guess is she liked you, you moved too slowly and when you were rude, she feared you didn't care about her. Now she's playing games to see if you care. (Laughing when you paid her attention means she was delighted by your response because it shows you care about her in some way.)

    If you like her you need to pick up the pace. If you're not sure - or you suspect she really was just a friend and is being high drama - then go back to being perfectly normal and ignore her dumb stunts or ask her regular questions, even if she's being wacky. Hopefully she calms down once you're paying her more attention and maybe you can ask her out.

    Unfortunately she may think her games GOT your attention and she'll keep them up. In that case you might have to say "I liked the old, normal you better" or something like that to encourage her to stop.

    • yeah that last 5 min was the most awkward sh*t ever lol.

      Another thing is there is like 3 weeks left of school after that I don`t think we will be seeing each other since she's going to another school you think maybe she was trying to distant herself from cause of that

      sidenote : she was a great student always on time , now latley she been skipping out on classes maybe some family problems?

      either way we will see what happens tomorrow

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    • Yeah, these are stupid games and the most frustrating thing is that you'd probably like to take her out for a nice time but her behavior is off-putting. Try to be a nice guy and see if you can salvage anything. Not sure why she's so offended by what you said but if she really does have a boyfriend, move on, and let him deal with her. She pays too much attention to other guys any ways so it probably won't last.

    • Well she was in class yesterday , after I said Hey she responded but the convo was very brief. She wasn't in class today but I saw her again at lunch, we didn't say anything though.

      I'm just going to take a wild guess she's having some family issues

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