Why did she stare at me and laugh/smile after giving me the silent treatment?

I have been friend with her now for like 6 months everything has been good sometimes I felt she showed signs she liked me gave me a nickname (involving my name) , playfully punched my arm when we joked around , helped me with work , mimicked my actions and would always say Hey when I see her.

There was one time I was rude to her (this is probably the reason why she started to ignore me)

She said I was showing off to my other friend or some sh*t but I`m still cool with her best friend and recently I heard she just got a bf

so she has been giving me the silent treatment for like one week now for being ``rude`` but today my friend called her name and she just plain ignored him

now like 5 min before class was about to finish she just stared at me I guess since we haven`t been talking she wanted to get a reaction (even though she started this)

so when she was looking at me I was like


she smiled and laughed , I looked away for a bit and she was still staring at me so I waved and said Hi since we sit across from each other, she said Hey and continued to laugh and smile. Then class was over.

So do you think she liked me and I hurt her so much which is why she gave me the silent treatment?

is the silent treatment over after this?

or is she just playing games?

god damn I`m confused lol