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Why do women call their boyfriends, their "man"?

Most guy, including myself, don't call our girlfriends our "woman". We are not your property.

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  • Most guys actually say "my girl", and it's a turn on because it sounds possessive and reminds her that she's living the real thing (he belongs to her and she belongs to him I love you kinda stuff). It has a bigger affect than "babe" "hunni" "sweetie" "baby" etc.

What Girls Said 10

  • Women don't say it degrade the guy.

    They just say it to mean the person its with them.

    Saying "my man" is no different than saying,

    "my boyfriend"

    "my love"

    "my hubby"

    The woman isn't claiming the guy, she is just saying they are exclusively dating.

  • Because he is my man. All mine. No one else's.

  • No, but won't guys call their girlfriend "My girl"?

  • I hear guys say that all of the time...

  • I hear guys refer to their girlfriends as "my girl, my woman, my ole woman" stuff like that.. I don't find myself saying "my man".. I just call him my boyfriend.. but I don't really have a problem if he refers to me as his girl, or whatever because I know it doesn't really mean he thinks I'm his property. It's a term of endearment if you will.

  • it not something I do personally but I know a lot of girls who do, I think it is a way of telling other girls he it there's and not to be flirted with/hit on.

  • Also it could kinda be like a pride thing. Like that's myy man. (: not so much in a negative way

  • I think its like a way of saying stay away.. he's mine! (: lol Its like a female way of claiming what belongs to them for in front of other females. That's just my opinion. Anyone agree?

  • My guy says girl too, But what difference does it makes man, woman, or girl. A lot of adults doesn't like you to say boy or girl, It seems immature to a lot of people. Think about it , I've never heard somebody say girl or boy in their forties they say their woman or man. I think it has a lot to do with age sometimes.

What Guys Said 9

  • you are being sensitive.

  • i guess it's a sign of dominance

  • OHHH DAMN! lol sry, but I thought this question deserved that.

  • Its just a term of endearment

  • I don't think it's such a negative thing. I've called girlfriends, "my girl."

  • Because if a guy called his GF, his woman they would be label sexists.

  • It kind of annoys me, if we're being completely honest.

  • I call my girlfriend my woman, and she likes it.

  • Really? I hear guys (only my age, actually) do the same thing pretty often, sometimes coupled with a slap to their girlfriend's ass right in front of everyone. When I hear "my man" it's at least a bit more loving than that...

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