If a guy is harmlessly stalking a girl, does it mean he often thinks about her?

and may it indicate that he has feelings for her? especially since they have history with each other, games being played, and some time lost thrown in there?


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  • Stalking is stalking, if he's following up on you it's because he has interest in you... whether that interest is a healthy one or a sick and disturbed one... maybe you should set a limit on how much of it you'll stand for... or just confront him about it and get things out in the open if you know for sure he's doing it.

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      i feel like if I confront him he will deny it all

      i just think he's a coward he won't admit he loves me like I love him.

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      If you have proof use it, I mean it doesn't make sense to let something like this hang in the air waiting for someone to say something and if he's scared to say anything then you have to be the one.