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Small lip ring/nose ring?

Do guys think small lip rings, or small nose rings are "trashy" on girls? I have always wanted to get one of these, but my boyfriend absolutely... Show More

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  • hehe, I'm the complete opposite and actually like piercings and not that fond of tattoos. I don't think they are trashy unless you go overboard with them and put like 50 earrings in one ear or nose that's just to much.A piercing or 2 is kinda sexy.

    • Thanks for the response. (; I went and got two piercings today. A small diamond stud in the nose, and a small diamond stud on the left side below my lip. Very cute turnout.

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    • Lol ;D I use to want a tongue ring as well, but I'm like you .. I don't have the guts for it lol

    • :P hehehe like me, gutless chicken

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What Guys Said 6

  • Maybe a hidden piercing would be more to his liking? And yours, for that matter.

  • nope, not trashy, and it's your body not his do what you want.

    • I did ;D I got em!

    • lol congrats!

    • Thanks :}

  • 1st answer: its your body, you own it, not him, do what you want with it. 2nd answer: it may cause a conflict in your relationship with your boyfriend, possibly leading to a breakup. which is more important to you? your independence and right to make your own decisions? or how much you value your relationship, how willing are you to compromise one value to satisfy or safeguard another. you have to draw a line somewhere in between, and then decide which side of the line you are on. that's not always an easy thing to do, especially when you are young and relatively inexperienced. but you gotta start somewhere sometime, I say the earlier the better. you'll get better at it as you go, don't be afraid to make mistakes at first, itll happen. just make sure you don't go too far to one side or the other, otherwise you'll end up alone or as a doormat. (p.s.: get the small one, you don't want to look like a piece of gym equipment)

    • I took your advice; I stood up for myself and got my nose and lip pierced. They are a very small diamond stud. They look really good and nontrashy. He's not mad, but he said he simply does not like it, but may in the future once he gets use to seeing me with them. Thanks for giving me the gumption to go ahead and do what I please rather than sitting around letting him control me.

  • I don't find them trashy but I dont' like them either.

  • trashy/low class anywhere except ears and navel. Deal breaker.

What Girls Said 4

  • Its not trashy unless you have an attutude to go with it

  • I never knew guys thought it was trashy

    • Yeah there are many out there that apparently think it. :(

  • probably just get a fake piercing...(I bought one at claire's for like 3€) it is a clip so you can see how it would look and if you want you could wear it and later just take if offit's painfree and easy!

  • Get them if you want

    • I did =]

    • Congrats best answer?

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