Small lip ring/nose ring?

Do guys think small lip rings, or small nose rings are "trashy" on girls? I have always wanted to get one of these, but my boyfriend absolutely refuses. He says he hates them and I definitely CAN NOT have one. :| It sucks because I've always wanted to have one to experience them, if that makes any sense. I like the way they look, and I think they would actually look good on me. I would want them small, and nothing huge. However, according to my boyfriend, I can't ever get one. Why not? Do you guys think they are trashy or something?


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  • hehe, I'm the complete opposite and actually like piercings and not that fond of tattoos. I don't think they are trashy unless you go overboard with them and put like 50 earrings in one ear or nose that's just to much.

    A piercing or 2 is kinda sexy.

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      Thanks for the response. (; I went and got two piercings today. A small diamond stud in the nose, and a small diamond stud on the left side below my lip. Very cute turnout.

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      Lol ;D I use to want a tongue ring as well, but I'm like you .. I don't have the guts for it lol

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      :P hehehe like me, gutless chicken