Will the nice guy ever win?

I'm a very nice guy and Ill never change. But I'm tired of coming in last. Just wondering if nice guys like me will ever be happy?


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  • Will the nice guy ever win?

    Depends on his physical attractiveness, wealth, status, and personality no different than other types of guys.

    Just wondering if nice guys like me will ever be happy?

    Depends on what it takes for him to be happy no different than other types of guys.

    "Im a very nice guy and Ill never change."

    I highly doubt you're a very nice guy as it seems often when guys say nice guy they mean:

    - he's nice to gals he's attracted to

    - he hasn't hit, raped, or harassed gals

    In my opinion neither of those means he's a nice guy as most people tend to be nice to those they're attracted to and plenty of non-rapists aren't nice people.

    • So what your saying is, a nice guy as to be good looking, rich and have a good personality? What else is knew.

    • No what I'm saying is a nice guy chances of winning is dependent on his physical attractiveness, wealth, status, personality, and what he defines as winning no different than any other type of guy.

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  • Degree of niceness isn't the only factor that affects your compatibility with someone :P People talk so much about "nice guys finishing last" and "girls mostly like jerks" that now, whenever a guy who's not an a**hole gets rejected, he assumes it has something to do with him being nice? I don't know if people realize how irrational that is.

    And seriously, you could be a great catch in so many different ways, yet you're still going to be a victim to luck to some extent. Don't blame yourself or women.

  • I'll take a nice guy any day but they seem to be in short supply. Or too shy to make themselves known.

  • I wish I could say "the nice guy will eventualy get lucky" but I'm afraid that's not the case. If I look back on the guys that f***ed me, they were mostly not nice guys. The guys I had a longer relationship with were nicer though. But I if someone tries to score with me at the bar or a party, I always get seduced by the bad guy. And I've seen a lot of other girls let that happen.

    One night at a bar, a sweet guy had a crush on me and I was such a bitch to turn him down. But a little later, this drunk guy with a beer belly slapped my ass and said about the previous guy "that sissy can't handle your big ass". I was really offended, but still ended up drunk at his place letting him f*** me. That was the lowest I've ever gone but now you know: Girls are strange and do stupid things, especially when it comes to love or sex. Don't ever lose hope though. Some girl out there might be smart enough. But most are like me, and if I read the other comments I think a lot of girls don't realize it.

  • Be happy because of who you are.

  • Of course. However, you can't expect girls to just throw themselves at you. Guys who think their niceness is preventing them from getting into a relationship are usually wrong. It's their shyness that does it, not their niceness. Nice guys need to take a small page (just a little one) from the a**hole's book and get the courage and confidence to ask girls out.

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  • Nice guys that are AGGRESSIVE finish first more often than the "jerk" guy does.

    It IS possible to be nice and aggressive at the same time. I've learned this lost art form quite well. :-D

  • All you have to do is mix it up. Just don't be predictable and best of all do not put a woman who isn't your mother or GF/WIFE on a pedestal. When you show you're a man and don't kiss up to her they'll go for you. Otherwise be yourself man and you'll get girls!

  • Yes, if you don't mind settling.

  • A guy with no boundaries always gets f***ed over. Never give to much, but never give to little. Give to much and you'll be used. Give to little, and people will think you're a jerk/a**hole or whatever.

  • of course we will

    /me gives you hand

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