What does it mean if you keep dreaming about a guy?

there is this guy am really trying to forget and I keep dreaming about him.


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  • I read in your comment to a responder: "He hurt me very badly. So it could be you need to heal your heart & that will happen naturally in time. I knw you said you are over him, but you still care for him deeply. Stay strong avoid dating guys like him in the future. I have several dreams about my boyfriend too. To get him out of your head: Keep or start an active social life. Do fun things, flirt & be social with other guys. I would CEASE ALL contact with him (delete his #, dn't accept his calls, trash or burn any pics & or gifts from him.


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  • maybe you still like him.

    i mean do you? or maybe it's just a dream.

    a dream sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with reality

    • no I don't like him,he hurt me really bad am over him but I keep dreaming about him

    • if that's the case. don't let the dream deceive you into getting back with em.

      like I said sometimes a dream is in no way connected to reality

    • i know I won't let the dream decevie me,because he will always be a jerk

  • Might mean you like him...who knows


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  • Dreams come from the subconscious.

    Basically you can't beat your subconscious. As much as you are trying to forget, the effort of trying to forget reminds your subconscious.

    I am having that EXACT problem.

    • it really makes me mad because dreaming about him makes me think about him

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    • thats how it is with me too

    • I wish it was like a psychic vision not just my brain teasing me LOL

  • It means you're thinking about him.

  • that he's on your mind...not surprising considering the situation where you like him but want to forget him, when you have to try to forget it's because the person clouds your head

    • how do I stop him from being in my head?

    • stop talking to him try not to think about him erase pictures of him and just focus on other things it takes time

    • alright