Girlfriend Seems Bored Of Me?

been going out with my girlfriend for 3 months and was really good i am 22 she's 20 she has a child who is not mine but I get on with him really well and she even says I do and well in the 3 months the most we had been apart is one or 2 days and if anything I thought it was a little to much but we... Show More

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  • im sorry to say this...but no one else has really given you a true answer at least not one that I can understand. my thought is once a cheater always a cheater...sure she's grown up a lot but that doesn't necessarily means she's changed...after all we all grow. But my other thought is this alternative:

    I'm not really the clingy type and I'm not saying your clingy...just that you may be doing to much. Maybe she feels like you are spending to much time together some people just need time by themselves to recharge...even with a baby.

    but this could be the reason she couldn't see you "then but then" but made it two days later a Friday that you could see her again.

    I don't know what you say in text to her...but I dated a guy that was cheated on by his ex girlfriend and he basically sent me text like Where are you? What are you doing? When am I going to see you? (when he saw me yesterday) and What friends? and these text were within hours of each other.

    it made me feel like he didn't trust me..which he didn't and that he always had that feeling that I was going to cheat on him like his ex. I think once a girl or boy cheats on one or the pretty much kills there confidence in there other relationships...all I can say is don't let your girlfriend kill yours. and if you feel like this is happening its time to either talk it out or find someone else who won't.

    Its fine I guess if you want to know where? what? and why sometimes...but too much makes a girl crazy. I would advise that if you have something to actually say in text besides that then go for something like "NASA setting off one of there rockets in two weeks we should go and see it sometime? or just a how was your day? If she doesn't answer the first time don't text back...until she does. Then perhaps she will see that your interested in her but only if she takes two to make a relationship work.

    If you are paranoid that shouldn't be and your wasting your time and hers.

    Then again maybe she has grown up...a cheater.

    Good luck


    • thank you and well as iam sure a lot of you have guessed it is over and the short answer is she needed to spend more time with her son and did not with me she said she saw him coming less behaved and did not think she could handle both a boyfriend and a son and its the old iam sorry I did not mean to hurt you but I know I already have and for that iam really sorry and all the other sh*t that was 3 weeks back and well now iam just trying to get my things back yet she does not seem to make an effet