Does it mean a guy likes you when he continuously touches your arm?

Last night was my 18th birthday and me and all my friends went out for dinner. I was very excited because I sat next to the guy I like. We were in one of those big like 15 people booths and we were all squished together, but even after a couple people left and other people were scooting away from each other to have more room, he stayed super close to me. Not only that, but it seemed like he made sure his arm or leg was always touching mine. There were other things he did, but the main question is, is that slight touching a signal that he likes me, or is it no big deal?


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  • Depends, but it very well could be. Generally this is a sign of flirting, but given the situation, its a bit harder to say. If he did this on his own will it might be another story, but it may have been consequence how things ended up and that includes him touching you. He may have then also just not really thought about moving away form you since he got so used to wear he was sitting it never crossed his mind. What I'm saying is its possible, but I would exactly consider this conclusive that he likes you.

    • True, that's what I was thinking. It's definitely not grounds to say that he for sure likes me, and I know it's only a slight possibility. Thank you for your answer (:

    • I will say this, he's at least comfortable around you. He's not repulsed because if he was, he def would have backed away as soon as he got the chance because it would be all he could think about.


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  • I think he is definitely interested... He seems so comfortable around you and he wants to be close to you,even if he don't have to. That's what I would do if I liked a girl :)

  • IMo, this is a signal that he likes you. Do you like him back? 8-)


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