How to deal with this break up from my ex?

Well, it has been a week now since I have talked to my ex and I still feel very upset. I am now having dreams about him almost every night, and it has gotten to the point to where I don't want to wake up as my dreams are far more better then real life. LOL Sorry really. So sad. Anyway, I have... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Let him kick rocks...Time will heal all of your hurt and pain... it takes time..I know how you feel I have been there..I was in a relationship for over decade. It takes time and prayer to get over the addiction of being with someone,even when it was BAD...Be thankful you were not in it for a long period. We are in the world of throw away relationships and men can move to someone else so fast...Just a click of bottom on computer and men can meet someone else...So you have to start thinking about you...Just know you are not alone. Many women are going through the same thing...Good Luck and God Bless...