Why are people so afraid of what others think?


Like... even here you see it. The anonymous button is an abomination.


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  • A lot of times I'm not really afraid what people will think - I mean, let's face it, unless someone very close to me in real life is reading all my posts and thinking "WAIT, I KNOW THIS SITUATION," no one here is going to see a Power Girl avatar and have any clue who I am, where I live, and so on. I just do it out of habit a lot of the time.

    Also when asking questions, I feel like doing it anonymously would garner me more honest answers than if someone attached my name to it. That's kind of a general statement though - not just on one little website.

    People feel like they can be more open when the concept of repercussions is taken away. That's why you also see studies showing that how people act on the internet is different from how they act in real life - remove a face, and you've got carte blanche.


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  • No one likes criticism or not being accepted and liked for who they are

  • I wonder that too since its so annoying because most of the times the question has no reason for you hide your face when you ask it. I'm thinkin why are you embarrassed to ask that lol I care about what my close ones think because I love and care about them but not to an extent its rediculous.

  • Because a person's reputation is very important and people are so afraid of gossip.

  • I think the anonymous button is good. It allows people to ask questions and give answers they would not otherwise feel comfortable writing.

  • People are vicious out there. They always have some ridiculous assumption about you and instead of asking for the truth they walk around with it in their heads.

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  • Yes, it's bizarre that something like 80% of the questions here, or more, are anonymous, when very few are embarrassing or would lead to any kind of trouble, even if the authors could be identified from their user names or pictures.

    I've long advocated that people should be encouraged to not be anonymous here, with extra points or something of the sort. Knowing nothing about the person asking a question makes it really hard to give relevant advice; at times I can't even begin to try when I'm flying so blind.

    It's a symptom of our society, I think. Most people lack the courage to state their opinions and hide them even on a neutral, anonymous forum. Just as they're afraid to speak their minds about our many vicious and futile wars, just for example;le, or the generally unfair social structure.

  • Human is social animal,so to live in a society the most important thing is reputation & self respect...to earn both

    One should be smart and has manipulative thinking..The people who are afraid of what others think are deep down somewhere insecure and they are afraid to get hurt in terms of self respect...so they think deeply before what they speak and write...

  • I heard an evolutionnary theory that this is hardwired social behavior . As far as I know the theory is based on absolutely no factual findings but it's still very interesting and I think there may be quite some accuracy to it. Here goes:

    The theory states that conforming to social behavior is something that is hardwired into us naturally. That when we were an evolving species, we lived in tribes to survive, and behaving out of harmony socially could lead to ostracization from the tribe(see monkey behavior ), at that time, human population was relatively sparse and being ostracized meant fending for yourself and most likely death.

    So it's a response that was naturally developped over thousands of years until we started evolving, and since then humans have evolved too fast for natural evolution to follow suit and as such we still have that primal response ingrained in us even if in our current society this reflex is pretty useless and often counterproductive rather than survival-enabling as it used to be.

    So that's a theory that would explain why we're still so afraid of loosing our peer's acceptance, even though logically it makes no sense to have that fear.

    I don't know who came up with this theory, I just heard if from someone who probably read it or heard it from someone else in turn. Maybe it's actually an official evolutionnary psychologist's theory I dunno, if anyone cares to shed light on it, feel free to do so.

  • People tend to have weak opinions of themselves and rely on others to define them. Perception is reality. In this case, other people's perceptions become so-and-so's reality. If those perceptions are negative, then so-and-so will think poorly of him/herself.

  • Instinct.

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