Why are people so afraid of what others think?


Like... even here you see it. The anonymous button is an abomination.


Most Helpful Girl

  • A lot of times I'm not really afraid what people will think - I mean, let's face it, unless someone very close to me in real life is reading all my posts and thinking "WAIT, I KNOW THIS SITUATION," no one here is going to see a Power Girl avatar and have any clue who I am, where I live, and so on. I just do it out of habit a lot of the time.

    Also when asking questions, I feel like doing it anonymously would garner me more honest answers than if someone attached my name to it. That's kind of a general statement though - not just on one little website.

    People feel like they can be more open when the concept of repercussions is taken away. That's why you also see studies showing that how people act on the internet is different from how they act in real life - remove a face, and you've got carte blanche.