Why are so many average guys single until 30?

These day's you have these "hot" pimping guys who get all the women and don't settle down , that ruin's it for the rest of the guys when one man's seeing 30 women at one time. damn gold diggers.


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  • Because that's when women finanly start to think they should marry a good guy since they'll never get the hot boy.

    • thats drive top, I got be that diamond in rough... all will need is few magazine spread in fe other major publication then get a advance of a records label like bad boy for 2 million, A non- famous get like 100k advance and pushed back.

    • word. and...wat

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  • Marriage is a game that has changed.

    Once upon a time, it was super common to get married before 25, have kids before 30, and yadda yadda.

    However, some time before then and now, that changed. People are putting that off to go to school, work on their careers and worry about themselves. There is no rush to settle down. People are realizing they don't need to get married right away. Now, there is no shame in admitting that marriage just isn't for you, so more and more people are either putting it off or not doing it at all. That goes for both men and women.

    Women, for the most part know when a man is marriage material or not from the beginning. If she wants to settle down, she isn't going to try and keep going for the player type. If a woman has doubts about being ready to settle down, dating the player type can be a comfort because she knows its temporary and at some point there is going to be someone new. For a woman who isn't ready to settle down, dating a marriage material guy is scary because in the back of their minds they know that "this could be it," which is enough to mess with their heads and make them question whether or not they are ready.

    I can only speak for women on this one, not men.

    • lol I don't have anybody interested in getting close to me and my co-works are all mean jerks!

  • "I want world, the money., magazine spreads and supermodels"

    I want to be 94 pound, wealthy socialite in New York.

    Only in my dreams:/

    • lollol are you sure that we are talking you in the picture ? ;) hahah

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    • That's cool! Post it up here so we can read it! :)

    • yes I'm still waiting for guy to post it...um..he's a little slow but he's cool :) offering.

  • Because when men start needing Viagra and a Toupee, then they begin to notice average women.

  • Because they have no game

  • Why would you want to be with those women?

    Set your sights on decent women, they may not be the hot supermodel trophy wife but they're average just like the single guys who pass them up.

    • i think I love you ;) ...hahah

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  • This is just a rant as far as I'm concerned.

    "Average" guys are boring for a lot of people. If someone has options, they have opportunities to find better companions. If a person has a choice of two people and he finds one better than the other, of course the other one is going to be let down. If a girl is making bad decisions in her choice of guys, she's not someone you'd want to get involved with anyway.

    If you had a choice between an average Joe and someone who is booming in many aspects of their life who would you choose? Many of these "hot pimping" guys are good people too if you got to know them, but get judged on the surface by "average" people for simply having a good sense of self-esteem that gets called "cocky" when the accuser is someone who is just insecure.

    The reality of the situation is that many of these "Average joe'"s are people with self esteem issues and are very insecure(a major turn off for women).

    What does "gold digging" have to do with this anyway?

  • They either lower their standards or become more realistic about the guys they can potentially snag.

  • It has nothing to do with the man. If those women make those choices they are ruining it for the group of average guys. People always try to get the best they can get. If a guy is at the top of the pile, then logically a lot of girls are going to want him.

  • Because women use the average, nice guy as their fall back. You are the contingency plan if they can't get that hot guy. The question is, do you really want those women?

    • you get for better life, you got connection with models then good things will happen.

    • what is the alternative?

  • Because more average guys need to find their BALLS and reclaim LEADERSHIP, which is their birthright, and it is what women crave.

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