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Annoyed, guys what's the deal?

theres this classmate, who I don't personally know but doesn't seem to be shy at all as I've seen him be pretty talkative in class and talks to some... Show More

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  • haha I never go after girls, they come to me. so I don't know try going to him and start a conversation, and just do it frequently, and sooner or later he will begin to talk to you. but id say those looks are pretty good signs, cause he definitely not going to be looking at no ugly girls around.

    • i have no real reason to ever talk to him though, I'm terrible at breaking the ice with a guy. how can I actually talk to him in a way that might suggest I'm interested, like what could I Talk about (im sure school work isn't exciting lool)

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    • im new this yrso I don't really have "Friends" yet, and if I could catch him at a good time after class id be willing to say, maybe something closer to "u have a cute _____" like shirt or something (im really shy with guys I like lol) is that too..lame lol

    • if he is fancy with his shoes, say that. ohe it sucks to be new. but definitely small talk at first. That's how I do it if I like a girl in my school. but high school girls like those shy ones, as long as they open up. GET IT GIRL!

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