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Symptoms of bulimia. Thinking that I'm not good enough because he said so. What should I do?

So, basically, I've been "with" this guy for at least 10-11 months now. And just recently, he started treating me strangely, I mean he'd blame me for... Show More

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  • Wow. Bad relationship. Leave, don't go back.

    No one should be talking to you that way, that's disrespectful and insensitive, (also just putting it out there, there's no way. no way. that EVERYTHING. is your fault. that's just impossible.)

    Personally, I don't think it's a great move to publicize relationship issues on social media, but that's just me. But anyways, if he just saw you as something "replaceable" he didn't love you. You don't replace people in your life. He just didn't appreciate what he had, and don't EVER think that just because someone left you it's because you weren't good enough. Not being someone's match is not an issue of who is better than who, it's who is good FOR who.

    If even his friends say that, believe them.

    And go eat. That's not healthy for you. Even if you're not hungry, go eat. (you're also not bulimic. that's when you eat a lot randomly and throw it all up)

    • Thank you for the advice. I actually always known that it's impossible for me to be the one who always bears the fault, but he made it seem like it. Like that one time we got back together and I confront him about something he'd say that "he thought I had change, but I haven't, he let himself fall into my arms over and over again, letting me hurt him" I mean.. I don't even do anything, but.. Ah well.. He's doing that to hurt me, "replacing me" I mean. He did that all the time. Intentionally.

    • His loss then.

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  • You guys are clearly not meant for each other. let him replace you. It will never be you, just remeber that.

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  • @he started treating me strangely, I mean he'd blame me for everything, twist the truth if I confront him about something, downgrading my self-value.. Mocking me, he even calls me "sick, crazy, idiot, stupid" and that my "capability of catching up to what people are saying is below the standard",

    you don't love this subhuman person,. thinking you do is just a delusion., you need him to punish you. I don't know why you want to be punish but there's no other explanation. him liking you wouldn't proved anything that you liking yourself would prove 100 times faster.

    loser him. get counseling.

    btw bulemia is eating a ton. then fasting or puking. it doesn't mean you don't eat. that's stress or anorexia if you lose 25% of yor ideal body weight.

    • Ah, and also, he never seem to spare his time for me, he did it for everyone else, but he never done so for me. Plus, it seems like he's only doing this horrifying stuffs to me, each time I was trying to tell someone about his treatment, nobody believes me, thinking that I'm the one who misunderstood things because he's always been wise, mature and nice around everyone else, making me seem like I'm the only one who doesn't deserve his attention while everyone else did.

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