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If you were the Powerball winner, who is the first person you would call?

Would it be a family member? Friend? Significant other? Lawyer? Accountant?I think I would call my mom, then my brother and his wife, and then a lawyer, and maybe some security, lol.

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  • this little 4'3 midget f***wad supervisor of mine at work so I could tell him to eat a d***. then all the calls after that would be happy ones telling all the good people in my life that it's time for a big ass party before I leave the country for a tropical paradise to live the rest of my life.

  • My brother in law. I'd ask him if I could hide out in his place, it's big, located outside of the US, in a ritz compound with armed security guards. Stay there until the short attention span died down.

  • no one keep that to myself as long as possible. then one day just show up somewhere in a ferrari

  • Jessica Alba