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Does she expect me to chase her?

i started talking to this girl who I went to HS with a few months ago. she was away and we just randomly started txting I don't know how. she calls... Show More

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  • during the day? she was probably at work and stuck there...happens to me all the time and I can't have my phone on the sales floor =/

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  • Yeh don't think too much but if you like her then initiation chase should be starting lol do you like her?

  • I feel like if she does all of those flirtatious things, just let her keep doing them. Some girls like chasing more. It's fun and feels like a challenge. Don't contact her until she contacts you. She might not quite be at the point where she is totally into you. But by being friendly but still letting her chase, she'll get more attached to you.

  • well she obviously likes you so keep trying, if she keeps ignoring then she must has lost interest for what ever reason... don't worry about it too much.

  • Busy? I don't know maybe her life doesn't revolve around you?

  • yeah

  • She was probably busy Christmas shopping. It's a busy time of year.

  • did you maybe do some bad stuff in your past, any mistakes she couldve find out? bad reputation? maybe she lost her phone or smthing? stay positiv the stuff above is reaaaaaally good, good luck x (dont thhink she's expecting that..)

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  • yeah most girls are like that unfortuneately

  • Don't think too much dude.. maybe she's busy or went out for something else..it's common lol don't get panic and screw things up..if she likes you then she'll text you or call you back..If she ignores you often now and then...then you can surely tell that the girl is playing hard to get..

  • Yeah chase the sloot or reverse this chithave fun brah.better to mindf*** the chick back like text or fb message.''there is something that I've been meaning to tell you for some time''her: what its it babe(lol uwot mate)me; nothing nvr mindher: srsly what is itme; really dwnec minite she is riding you bro and chasing youlet the fun begin son.

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