Does he still like me? what should I do?

I liked this guy and he liked me, we had ups and downs and with each one he said less and less nice things to the point of him just telling me off on face book well I asked him what he wanted for x mas and he said: for you to stop messaging me I'm done talking, so I have two questions 1: why is it that he now suddenly hates me and 2: its been over a week since we talked and he seemed pretty mad and He's been getting more and more annoyed with me but since its been a long time, should I make the first move and talk to him again?


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  • He doesn't want to talk to you anymore so why are you trying to contact him again after a week? Just stop talking to him all together. If he wants to talk to you, he knows how to reach you.

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  • you can ask him point blank what is wrong but as he is under 18 he probably isn't good at communicating.

    I'd probably just cut him loose. He clearly doesn't respect you enough to be honest and kind, that or you've really done something wrong. But more than likely he is just a bad communicator and also (as most men are, heck most people at that age) just immature and new at dealing with relationships and the opposite sex

  • your love relationship has turned to a Hate one. apparently he either heard some bad stuff about you from friends or probably thinks your leading him on or he thought it was love but finds you annoying or irritating . perhaps he got fed up of pursuing you & possibly there another girl now in his life. So technically you have lost your shine in front of his eye. try asking what when wrong if he isn't bothered, just leave him

  • It sounds like you two have had a pretty toxic relationship. I would suggest moving on. I know that if I saw some guy telling my little sister off on Facebook, I'd tell her to just stay away from him. or he might be going through some things that he's got to work through on his own. and if he's being hostile to you, I wouldn't bother with him, there's plenty of nice guys out there.

  • guys want girls they can't have. don't be too needy. text him merry chrsistmas but after that don't initiate conversations with him first.

    trust me when he gets used to life w.o you texting him he will miss you.

    answer mine?

    • sure, he hasn't messaged me at all so I'd probably be very cautios having a conversation with him but sure, I guess merry Christmas wouldn't hurt

    • and I told him merry x mas, he saw it, no reply as per usuall I could even ask him a question and he still wouldn't reply, ***, not any of you guys him lol

  • ask him what's wrong? if he doesn't answer just do what he says.. cause that'll get him thinking and things would most likely get better or better for both. if you still message him, that'll only annoy him and take matters to worse

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