Why does my boyfriend think this is sexy?

My boyfriend told me that when I yell in Russian it turns him on and that its very sexy.I Asked him why but he never gave me an answer so why does me yelling in Russian attracts him? I'm Russian he is American


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  • 1. I LOVE Russian & Italian accents in women and I'd love it too

    2. In this case if I were your boyfriend and I loved you, I'd find it absolutely amazing and fall all over in love with you every time you yelled (especially in Russian since I love that accent) cause I'd find it cute (I used to LOVE it when the woman I love used to yell at me and I used to fall all over in love with her again :D)

    3. This could be either that he basically has a love for the Russian accent that turns him on (and he hasn't consciously realized it) or just that he loves you and finds you cute especially when you yell at him in Russian OR both :D


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  • who knows kind of an odd fetish to have , some guys are into different things . I really couldn't offer much up as to why

  • I must agree russian is f***ing hot. Especially in angry tones. I worked with a russian chick a few years back, and holy f*** she was attractive.

    • Haha thanks ill be mad in russian more haha

    • Haha excellent

  • Slavic languages ??are softer, than German and Anglo-Saxon. Russian language is particularly soft, and it is likely that yelling sounds feminine.�

  • who cares

    if it works for him and it works for you

    then that's what you have together

  • I find the French language attractive, and I would really like it if I had a French girlfriend and she yelled in French. Maybe he likes the Russian language? Us Americans find foreign languages to be pretty cool!

  • I like British girls accents and Australian girls .its so hot , using it durring sex is even hotter , Russian ? Eww I like ukranian but I'm Russian lol , privet

    • Ukrainian and Russian are almost the same.

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    • Haha OK spasibo :) haha

    • Scaslyvoho novoho roku

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  • wel generally hearing people talk in foreign languages is a turn on. if we are attracted to them. however.. he's undermining w/e it is you are taking issue with. by getting turned on instead of concentrating o the problem at hand. its a fairly demeaning statement/ view he has made/ has. imo.

  • Foreign languages are just sexy. I'm American and my guy is Japanese. It turns me on like no other to hear him speak in Japanese to me. I also love his English (the accent and his pronunciation is so hot). Naturally, we converse in both Japanese and English. He also gets turned on by both my English and Japanese. So it works both ways.

  • That is sexy