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Don't understand what is wrong with me?

So I have dated a few girls, but still have never had a girlfriend nor sex. The only thing I realized was that I needed to change the way I dress... Show More

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  • Be sweet, comfortable with yourself and not defensive or self loathing.. be available to her but not overly and too eager.. like do things like a good morning text with a smiley face.. and give her a 5 min good night phone call (once you've started to date a girl.. you need to lead into these so that she gets a chance to want this from you). Do you have a good group of friends? A girl wants a guy that she knows is OK with out her and doesn't need her.. but has a life already that she's becoming part of.. ask her advice about what one of your friends should do about a girl who doesn't treat him right.. things like that that say I care about your opinion, am inviting you to know what's going on with my friends and life and that you're moral..

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  • Your problem is not the way you dress or anything about you...you could wear cargo pants that barely touch yur ankles and a purple belly shirt or true religion jeans and a blue T that matches bright blue eyes, but if the guy in the urkle cargos is confident and happy with himself his swagger is gonna send off a radar signal to girls, and if the jeans guy has low selfesteem and is uncomfortable with himself he may as well be dressed as the negative end of a magnet and all the girls dressed as the positive end. (maybe I'm exaggerating just a tad but you get the picture right? :)

  • you say you are chubby, fix that... huge turn off, well for a lot of women and you want to appeal to a wide range right? So work on that first.

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  • I can give you some advice with pictures. Give an update with your usual everyday clothes and style.

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