How do you deal with being single?

I use to handle being single by keeping a guy or two around even if I'm not that into him, just so I could have someone to talk to and go out with. Recently I stopped doing that because I think that's not fair for the guy and its not fair for me either. Everyone deserve to be with someone that they're actually into & the feelings be mutual. So now that I've got rid of that "coping" method (dating guys I'm not that into while single) , I wanna hear from others what they do to deal with the single life.

1. Do you wait til love find you or do you search for it?

I've done both and got bad results. As I waited, only guys that I'm not that into approach me. When I made the move myself, I obviously went for the guys I actually like but that didn't work out in the long run either.

2. Should I just not focus on love at all and put all my attention in other things?

Its hard doing that. Somehow it pops into my head that I'm single and I feel lonely & bored sometimes.

3. what do you think I can do?

It's just boring and frustrating to meet/date so many guys and things just never work out. AND the crazy thing is I'm the one that's dumping them because either I'm just not that into them or something major like he have a girlfriend (relationship was on the VERGE of of now, its officially over but the fact that I was dating him when he was with someone still turned me off from him)

4. What do YOU do to deal with being single?

Thoughts? Thanks. Will Choose Best Answer :)


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  • What do I do to deal with being single?

    Well, first off, I love myself. I acknowledge my self worth. I love the family and blood line I come from. I acknowledge were I'm going in life, career wise. I play a lot of sports, and acknowledge that I'm a real athlete. I go out to parties, and socialize. I don't whore around, but I socialize. I make new connections, and new friends. I am confident in myself, I'm not a hostile person, I act very humble, and give love out to everyone (not in a gay way, but to not seem intimidating, but if someone intimidates me and steps in my space, I will take a course of action) And yet again, I love myself. The key is to love yourself, and when your single, life will seem like you never will want to be with someone, just by yourself. Not to say that I don't want to find someone, but I know when that someone finds me, they will confess their love for me, and I will be able to give it in return.

    (you really need to work on your "selfworth" catagory, this will help you a lot when your single)

    What do you think I can do?

    Take a break from the dating game. Do not date men that are in or on the verge of breaking up with a girlfriend, for they too don't love themselves. And will most likely bring drama and hostility into you life because they haven't cleansed themselves or taken the time to be happy with themselves once again.

    (so once again, work on your "selfworth" and take a break from the "dating game")

    Should I just not focus on love at all and put all my attention to other thins?

    Yes you should. Not to other things, but to yourself! aka, what would you like to do today? What would you like to accomplish. If you wanna get your nails done, go get them done, so you look good for yourself, not for any1 else. If you wanna go for a jog, go for a jog, not because you want guys to holler at you while your running, but to towne your legs and butt more for yourself.

    (so yet again, work on "yourself" "Selfworth" and take a break from the "dating game"

    Last question: Do you wait til love find you or do you search for it?

    I wait for love to find me, why? Because I know who I am. I know what I want. I don't search for it, because that only drives you nuts. Instead I make a check list of what I would like in a woman, good looks, university degree, comes from a good family, has those motherly characteristics, and so on and so forth. (my list is too long for this chat box lol) But I do know that the one for me, will adore me, and profess her love for me, and I will adore and do the same with her.

    Anyways I would continue talking but I'm running out of characteristics in the chat box. But do you get it now? Don't be insecure with yourself, Start off with your eggs that your carrying, that should be a good motivation starter for yourself, and what those eggs would like, and work upto your heart and mind. Do you understand what I mean?

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      This is very helpful. Thanks a lot. I'm already starting to take your advice. I'll get there someday :)