Help! I think my housemate is abusing steroids.

My housemate moved in with me about five months ago. Officially, I am his landlord and he is my tenant, but we quickly became friends and he was an... Show More

I appreciate all the responses given so far, but want to know a bit more about the possible side effects of steroids, and wanting to gain some knowledge, if I can. By the way, my housemate is missing at the moment and not answering any communication.
Thanks everyone for your answers, starting to get a clearer picture here. I wish I were just dealing with someone with a garden variety mental illness or an average drug user, because that's something I know about and can spot a mile off. Thanks for the info about steroids and what they can and cannot do. Will tread lightly and ask more questions as they come up, if that's OK. I really appreciate the help and don't feel so much as if I am wandering in the wilderness now, if you know what I mean.

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  • Well, the term juicing means that he is taking fruits and vegetables and sometimes wheatgrass and blending them in a blender until they are liquid. As a commenter stated below, "He could be juicing", that's what it means.

    I am one who is sort of a body builder, but I don't take it that far. I took classes on Holistic Medicine, and know a bit about "juicing" due to those courses.

    Anavar & Nipertropin are synthetic steroids. These should be avoided at ALL costs. It can play into his mood swings and mood changes. Reason being that a lot of muscle bound guys are a**holes. It's not that they are "into" themselves, it's the steroids.

    Tryrocine is is one of the 22 amino acids that are used by cells to synthesize proteins.This is totally safe and sold at all "health food stores". Legally and safe since proteins are needed for healthy muscle growth.

    If he wants to bulk up, there is a healthy alternative to synthetic steroids. It is called Maca root. A ton of "Olympic Teams" have used it over the decades for endurance and strength training. It is totally safe, natural and safe since it is the root of a plant that is native to Peru.

    I will work, but not as good as synthetic steroids for bulking muscle. But it is safer, meaning it has zero side effects. It will get results, but not as much as synthetic, but with synthetic there is many side effects and some are death.

    • The term "juicing" is a slang term for taking steriods. Yes, it is also a literal term for extracting juice from fruits and vegatables.

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    • sorry, I think I misspelled there. I meant single-malt as in single-malt whiskey. Regardless, I don't think he sees that right now, I am probably the only thing standing between him and a world of hurt. And though it will make me sad to do it, I will put him there quick as you please if this nonsense keeps up. But is it from steroids or is he a mental?

    • I would reckon to believe it is from steroids. I have heard simular things from others about others who are taking synthetic steroids. Or really a lot of synthetic drugs fall into that category for that matter. Almost all pharmaceutical drugs or synthetics screw with the body in certain ways. But even malt whiskey is better than malts. ;-), It's made from made from fermented grain mash. So it's still better than what he is doing. The body building is fine, but with steroids, that's body killing.