Being bullied on my mistakes

okay so basically I done something a year ago that I regretted. when the story came out and people heard, my mistake, made people have the opinion that I was a 'slut.' I started to get bullied and always getting told that I was an ugly slut etc and it really started getting to me. but now I'm done crying and want to get over it as I made a mistake, everyone does?i just don't know why people won't drop it after so long..what way shoudl I act when I'm always getting slagged every single day?should I act not bothered?


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  • quite honestly there is nothing you can do if your goal is to stop them from treating you the way they do.

    People suck. If you don't know that already learn it now. Be pleasantly surprised by nice people. But you're going to be disappointed if you expect people to be anything other then disgusting.

    More practically. It really depends on your goal. If you want to not be bothered this is something you can do.

    Find a mantra. Something that you can repeat to yourself, Quickly. It should be short. It can be a phrase or a verse or even one word. If you concentrate on that manta. You can usually, with practice, block everything else out.

    The person that taught it to me called it the "ant-pink Hippo" you know the joke where people say, "don't think of a pink hippo" and then of course you can't think of anything else. You can use a mantra to NOT think of a pink hippo. That's the principle.

    He used "I AM GANDALF!"

    I think that's kinda corny but it worked for him.

    I use

    "Silent and unshaken"


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  • First things first you shouldn't have 30-35 year-old friends who bully you. Simply stated at that age they are not your friends or people you should even surround yourself with if they treat you this way...

    Short of removing yourself from this social circle...Don't let these people bother you. You are letting them get to you too much. You're right everyone makes mistakes and I'm sure you haven't made the worse mistake out there. Bullying and harping on a person's faults is a way for people to overcome their own insecurity. So I'd say embrace the mistake. Laugh it off with them. Don't let them know that you are bothered by it.

    Like you said you're done crying over the mistake and make that clear to them by your actions. You are over it, you don't feel bad about it and their teasing doesn't bother you...

    All that said. You're not in high school. This circle of people are not forced upon, which is to say, you can change your situation find better friends because really 30-35 year-olds shouldn't be bullying.

  • Your profile says 30-35. I'm guessing you're in high school?

  • Well...for the matter of fact many people things like that. And ignore people if you can and sometimes you have to trash talk back. One of my friend's friend has been through this situation. And in her office almost all of guys wanted have sex with her and they talk about her(behind her back) as she is a slut. Point is you need to have an attitude that you can stop people from talking like that. And try to be with your friend who can have your back and spread some good words for you when anyone talks about u. People don't change overnight so don't expect much from them. Stay in good company so that you can get over it.

  • High schoolers have a need to be superior to others, improving their self image (they think).

    You will continue to be this goat until you find the source & shut off the flow, then change the image of that event.

    You may to get a friend to translate this concept to you.

    As for your self image, read what Jesus said about stoning others and forgive yourself, move on and do good deeds that others will praise

  • You have 2 options . The past can't hurt you truly unless you want it to. So you can either run from it...or face it.. forgive yourself, forgive others and carry on being a amazing person to everbody. People will den forget your mistakes and look fw to the cheerful side of you.

  • You're 30-35? Bullying is high school stuff. There is something wrong if you are getting treated like a kid at 30-35.

  • Embrace it.. People will only bother for as long as it pisses you off, then it becomes more bothersome than entertaining.

  • People don't drop it because you let them get away with it. You shouldn't "act" like you're not bothered, you should genuinely not be bothered. They keep bugging you because they know it bothers you.

  • It is time to move for a fresh start.

  • You should go to church or mosque or according to your belief. If people see you over there their mind will be change. They will think " Yes this girl maybe made mistake but she is good anymore"

  • You're 30-35 and people still "bully" you? Was this like, at work or something?

    So far as whether you should be bothered, it depends on whether it was just a story or if there's footage. If there's footage you should probably move to a different state.

  • just be nice and also ignorant to their comments


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