Being bullied on my mistakes

okay so basically I done something a year ago that I regretted. when the story came out and people heard, my mistake, made people have the opinion that I was a 'slut.' I started to get bullied and always getting told that I was an ugly slut etc and it really started getting to me. but now I'm done crying and want to get over it as I made a mistake, everyone does?i just don't know why people won't drop it after so long..what way shoudl I act when I'm always getting slagged every single day?should I act not bothered?


Most Helpful Guy

  • quite honestly there is nothing you can do if your goal is to stop them from treating you the way they do.

    People suck. If you don't know that already learn it now. Be pleasantly surprised by nice people. But you're going to be disappointed if you expect people to be anything other then disgusting.

    More practically. It really depends on your goal. If you want to not be bothered this is something you can do.

    Find a mantra. Something that you can repeat to yourself, Quickly. It should be short. It can be a phrase or a verse or even one word. If you concentrate on that manta. You can usually, with practice, block everything else out.

    The person that taught it to me called it the "ant-pink Hippo" you know the joke where people say, "don't think of a pink hippo" and then of course you can't think of anything else. You can use a mantra to NOT think of a pink hippo. That's the principle.

    He used "I AM GANDALF!"

    I think that's kinda corny but it worked for him.

    I use

    "Silent and unshaken"