Why do gingers always get bullied?

Hay does any one know why gingers all ways get bullied at every school I go to I've gotton pushed around just Because my hair color even when I was little and I've met tones of ether girls with my hair color who all most every one of um claimed they got bullied to why is thiis


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  • I don't know. I've personally never seen anything wrong with red hair and it looks perfectly fine. Not that I'd date a ginger but that's only because I prefer to stick to my own kind. That sucks that you were bullied just because of the color of your hair. I remembered being bullied when I lived in the Western NY area during late elementary and early Middle School years just because I was Indian. It was almost an everyday thing and I felt I was cursed to be born as one till I moved to another place. But yeah, I don't see anything wrong with gingers. Red hair looks just as fine and normal as any other hair color out there.

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  • They're jealous of your hair color.

  • Dont listen to them they are jealous because red hair is rare and so so beautiful they are just haters.

  • Everyone gets made in fun of eventually.

  • Lots of different people are bullied at some point in their lives.

    Having red hair just stands out as an easy thing to pick on someone for.

  • Because gingers don't have souls.

    • How do I not have a soul

    • That was a joke lol

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  • Jealousy, if it's girls making fun of you. Or just plain meanness. To me it's like racism; nobody makes fun of blondes or brunettes much IMO. I was lucky not to be teased by peers much in that department (more my pale skin, cause I'm a daywalker type of ginger), and it was guys who did it, because they were too immature to grasp the satire of ginger-hate on South Park.

    Rest assured, tons of guys love redheads with a passion. Plus we even have a whole makeup line dedicated to us (Just for Redheads) so we don't have to wear crappy black mascara.

  • In my current school, and previous school, I didn't see any bullying because of a hair color.

    Actually they were just as much a part of the class and school as the rest.

    But I have seen some joking about gingers online though.

  • People say they don't have souls

  • I have no idea. I always thought they were cool. I guess because people are idiots.

  • Because people can be stupid.