Why do gingers always get bullied?

Hay does any one know why gingers all ways get bullied at every school I go to I've gotton pushed around just Because my hair color even when I was little and I've met tones of ether girls with my hair color who all most every one of um claimed they got bullied to why is thiis


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know. I've personally never seen anything wrong with red hair and it looks perfectly fine. Not that I'd date a ginger but that's only because I prefer to stick to my own kind. That sucks that you were bullied just because of the color of your hair. I remembered being bullied when I lived in the Western NY area during late elementary and early Middle School years just because I was Indian. It was almost an everyday thing and I felt I was cursed to be born as one till I moved to another place. But yeah, I don't see anything wrong with gingers. Red hair looks just as fine and normal as any other hair color out there.