Does a girl like you if she gets embarrassed and giggles when you make fun of her?

Or do they pretty much all do that? Say for example you tease her when she's doing something a little odd and you make fun of her and she starts laughing and getting all giggly.


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  • Yes, of course. Sign of interest.


What Girls Said 2

  • I always do that.. I mean come on, it's just a friendly way to say "I like your comment". It could mean anything, but for me, usually nothing flirty.

  • I think it's her way of trying not to be rude. It would seem like she is offended by it, if she didn't acted like that, and people would give her a bad fame.

    But seriously, through, if you like that girl, don't make fun of her. Ever.

    • It's more harmless teasing then making fun of. Girls like that anways. I wouldn't ever make fun of someone in a hurtful manor.

    • I don't mean that you WANTED to make her hurt. It's just that sometimes girls act all giggly even through inside they feel like hiding in a corner. Sorry about that, I'm just trying to help out those kind of girls.

What Guys Said 2

  • I take the mick out of this girl in work so I'm looking forward to see the answers here cause she's exactly like what you're describing.