Why does my boyfriend like to sleep with me naked ?

I get after having sex, but even if I have clothes on he always wants us to be naked when we sleep.


Most Helpful Guy

  • He most likely has a self confidence issue, and psychologically thinks that if you want to leave your clothes on that your rejecting him. By being naked and revealing yourself to him, you unconsciously tell him that you trust him and are not scared to show all of yourself to him! Its a compliment and shouldn't be taken as an insult.


What Guys Said 8

  • Because being naked is awesome.

  • Being next to naked women is good.

  • I am usually warm on my own. Put me next to a woman I'm into and I get super warm.

    So if I am naked comes with a special perk. If she wants to wake me up in that special way no clothes to rouse me as I sleep.

  • It's just who he is. As a guy I like to sleep next to a sexy woman. Take it as a compliment.

  • It seems that it's too hot for him to sleep with his clothes on, or he wants instant sex when he's horny.

  • Because it's sexy. Duh...

  • Wolfman ate a lot of paint chips as a child. Your boyfriend wants to sleep naked with you so that you two wake up naked and he can bang you again. The end.


What Girls Said 4

  • Maybe he just likes sleeping nude? Or he might really like the way the contact between his and your skin feels. You can always ask him you know!

  • Oh that is just normal isn't it? I always sleep naked anyway as it s comfortable and natural. I guess he comes from a family like mine where we all sleep naked. I never understand why people where stuff in bed really.

    Just be natural and naked to sleep always...enjoy!

  • The dudes seem to have it covered on why, but I'd like to address if it makes you uncomfortable. I don't mind sleeping naked, but if I did and my boyfriend didn't want me too, I would respond in one of two ways depending on my moon. 1) f*** you, I will wear as much clothes as I like when I'm sleeping. I love you, goodnight OR 2) comprimise. Maybe put something on that's comfortable and covers you, but still kinda seductive and revealing.

  • I would take that as a compliment. My boyfriend and I always sleep naked - we like to feel each others' skin against our own when we sleep. When you're asleep you're at your most vulnerable. By taking it even farther and losing the clothes, you're showing an immense trust in the person. It's good for a relationship. It reinforces your connection with your partner and helps you to build a strong bond. There's something very comforting about being able to snuggle up to my man and feeling his bare skin touch mine. Anyhow, my apologies for rambling. Like I said, take it as a compliment. It shows he wants you completely, even if there is nothing sexual involved. That's huge - most men couldn't care less if they're not going to have sex.