How is a 18 year old suppose to act?

So I turned 18 in April. I'm a very chill person, I don't go to parties drink or anything. I enjoy staying home or going out walking, movies etc. my cousin constantly brings up how I don't act 18. She's 17 and pregnant by a guy who's obsessive. I know it sounds like a teen mom episode, but it's true. She's always says I need to get out more. Am I really that boring of a person, I just enjoy doing laid back things. Should I really take her comments to heart?


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  • 17 years old and pregnant, telling you how to live your life...umm, someone needs a reality check

    • Thata what I'm saying, I wanna say that to her so bad but that would be rude.

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  • Just act however you want to act, I've never really been that outgoing, but unlike a lot of people I know I never became a teenage father or served time. So I'd prefer to be level headed and dull than in trouble all the time. There's nothing wrong with socialising once in a while obviously. But there's no point in doing something you aren't doing for yourself.

    • Its just partying and drinking and going wild isn't my thing. Other than those things I'm your average teen.

    • If it's not your thing you don't have to do it... It's not really my thing either.

  • Do not listen to your cousin. In fact, stop hanging out with her.

    • Same thing my mom said. Something to strongly think about

  • I know exactly how you feel lol. But the thing you need to understand is that people judge you off average and average is complete sh*t lol. Average is having pre-marital sex and slacking off on school work. Just think about the word average, average in school work is someone taking straight standard classes making C's, I don't know about you but I want to stay away from those type of people.

    In the end you make friends like you and live your happy life. Do things for you not for anyone else. Your cousin (sorry to say) is just average and you should strive to surpass average because uniqueness is what gets us far in life

    Hoped my answered helped :)

  • Just continue on being laid back. That's how you should treat life, and don't ever involve yourself into dramas.


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  • obviously her way is not working,just be yourself there are no certain ways you have to be at any age except for your true self.

  • Teen years overall are supposed to be the ones where you have fun, so... If staying home is your definition of fun, why go out? It's stupid to assume that going to parties or something is fun for everyone.

  • No you shouldn't. Just act like yourself

  • maybe you should live a little. I was like you when I was your age and I kinda regret not going out and partying. I think its a life experience you should go through. does that mean you need to go out and get knocked up? no. but why not have fun go out and party? at least try to have some variety in your life, you don't have to go out every weekend but go party with her. I wish I did

    • She can't party, she'd pregnant Lol but I get what your saying

    • I think YOLO is a stupid thing...and I think using your age as an excuse to be stupid, is even more 18 you should be becoming an adult. You now have adult decisions to make...and can be tried as one.

      You're supposed to be partying anytime under that