Why does he only want to text?

I met a guy not too long ago, and we hit it off pretty well, especially through our e-mail/texting...there was definitely some flirty flirt going on...we met in person again, and things seemed to go well, and I know I didn't put my foot in my mouth or anything...but it's been awhile now, and he ONLY texts me still, and doesn't seem interested in hanging out in person again...I don't necessarily want an actual phonecall, because I personally HATE talking on the phone, but sheesh, maybe I'm just not that impressive in person? =( Maybe it's just him?

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  • It sounds like when he met you in person he didn't like you as much and is now communicating with you on platonic terms because ignoring you would make him feel like a jerk. What happened on the first meeting? Is he still flirty? Do you initiate conversations normally now?

    • Look, don't blame her, but if what she says about him initiating ( which she didn't put into the actual question ) most of the time is true then it is very unlikely that what you say is true. Our assessments are doomed to be wrong. At least sensible ones that don't take major leaps into "Reality".

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    • I'm confuszled what happened?

    • lol, Answerer