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Why does he only want to text?

I met a guy not too long ago, and we hit it off pretty well, especially through our e-mail/texting...there was definitely some flirty flirt going... Show More

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  • It sounds like when he met you in person he didn't like you as much and is now communicating with you on platonic terms because ignoring you would make him feel like a jerk. What happened on the first meeting? Is he still flirty? Do you initiate conversations normally now?

    • Look, don't blame her, but if what she says about him initiating ( which she didn't put into the actual question ) most of the time is true then it is very unlikely that what you say is true. Our assessments are doomed to be wrong. At least sensible ones that don't take major leaps into "Reality".

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    • I'm confuszled what happened?

    • lol, Answerer

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  • is it me or is blackkid2 the "guy"

  • Some people express themselves better via text much like you hate phone convos?

    Then there's the darkside where you're just an annoyance and he's too nice to get rid of you so he keeps you at arm's length.

    • Um, HE initiates a lot of our conversations, so I doubt I'm an 'annoyance' or else he wouldn't talk to me at ALL.

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    • That's not how it came across to me. It seemed like you WERE giving blind advice by saying that yes, in addition to the possibility of things being better expressed through text, that I am just an annoyance to him. That didn't seem constructive to me, and it came off as rude. Again, I'm not looking to be coddled, but it felt uncalled for. You've only been condescending and belittling to me since, instead of trying to explain your point of view in a civil way.

    • Well, let's just have you make a choice. A) you tell us about him. B) You tell me to leave. The ball is in YOUR court! Go.

  • he wasn't feeling it anymore.

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  • i don't htink he is into you

  • i think he's only using you! why do you keep wasting your time with this guy?

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